Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The mother of all updates

Okay where to even begin...

Let's start with Brynna turning 8 months old! You saw the pics (although I still think I am going to take new ones because she wouldn't sit still... such is my life these days)

So Seattle got B to hit some amazing milestones! Hooray!

She finally rolled over from back to tummy. And she just did it like it was no big deal. There was no prodding, no coercing, no help. She just did it. For my little brother. He was playing XB.ox in his room and watching her and just just did it!

Then, she got her first tooth! It finally popped Thursday June 10th! I'm not sure if it really bothered her though because while she was a little cranky in the days leading up to its eruption, we also WAY off our normal schedule. So who knows? I guess we will see with the next one- which doesn't seem far behind!

Then she started crawling! She took her first true crawling "steps" June 12th- again while we were in Seattle! (Apparently a trip to Seattle is what it takes to get her motivated... or maybe its her Nana and Papa?)

She became an official crawler and on the move just days before she turned 8 months.

How's that for progress?

She can get herself back to sitting up from any position now.

She's pulling herself up to anything she can with NO help at all. No cruising yet but she seems determined. I haven't found her standing in her crib yet, but to be safe I think we may lower it this coming weekend.

We weighed her at my mom's office (have I mentioned she works for BEST ped in the Seattle area? She does) and she was just under 18 lbs. We didn't measure her but she seems to have grown a tiny bit since her 6 month appt.

She has almost outgrown all of her 6 month clothes and is mostly in 6-9 month and 9 month, although the 9 month stuff has plenty of room. I am kind of sad about some of her 6 month clothes because some of my FAVORITE outfits are in that size. I will be sad when I can't dress her in them anymore :( Haha! Such a silly thing to be sad about! I'm sure I will have new "favorites" with the next size...

She's eating puffs! And banana slices and cooked carrot pieces! I think we are going to try whole green beans next. Or maybe asparagus (Since Batman likes his asparagus cooked so much it's falling apart).

We found a new line of baby food (for when we are traveling or out and about) that we LOVE! And we still love Earth's Best too!

I also found some new baby food books at the library (of all places) and am excited to try out some new recipes! I will let you know if they are any good.

Brynna LOVES other kids and I have been trying to get her out more and more for social visits. A friend of mine has a 18 month old so we have been trying to set up play dates once a week. They don't really play, but I know she enjoys the interaction. And so does this mama, since his mama is a good friend :)

Our walking buddies moved back to California so we no longer have those play dates :( We were sad to see them go, but know it's for the best for them.

Brynna LOVES playing outside and thinks the grass is a very interesting surface. We have finally been having good weather so we take advantage of it as much as possible. She loves picking it and throwing it. Such a fun game :)

She's getting more and more personality each day and I love watching her discover new things!!

Have you gotten this far? Whew!

Novel #2 coming later with more updates about our trip and what we have been up to the last month!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I have some unexpected visitors in my niece and nephew (FUN!) so I have no time to post anything other than some pics I took this morning...

As you can see Brynna is NOT very cooperative when it comes to snapping a good picture these days...

Will update soon. I know I keep saying that, but it WILL happen! I think I may need to try getting better pictures too...


Anyone still out there?

I know it's been a while for a good post from me so I'm wondering if you have all abandoned ship...

Taking B's 8 months pics this morning. Will post her update later today along with a recap of the last month.

Sheesh I'm a terrible blogger!

Friday, June 25, 2010


I've finally gotten my phone connected to the blog... Sweet! Blogging on the go!

Maybe you will hear from me more now?

Okay, update coming... B turned 8 months!

Friday, June 18, 2010

3 Weeks! Eek!

Yes, it's been 3 weeks since I last updated...
And 3 weeks since I've ready anything going on in the blog world...
But I have a good excuse!

I had a guest (my sister)
and then we were out of town (Seattle)
and then I've been busy (catching up with reality)

So there.

Updates soon.

Lots of stuff to share.
B had some major milestones while we were in Seattle.
Apparently all it takes is going to visit family?

More later.

Much love.