Saturday, September 29, 2012

And then the flu hit our house

My parents have been helping me all week which has been awesome!

Then Thursday Brynna came down with the flu bug. Poor kiddo has never been sick like this and had no ideas what was going on :( by the afternoon though she seemed on the mend. All day Friday she felt great.
Then batman called me Friday afternoon to tell me he was puling at work. The man hasn't puked in 10year's so I knew it was serious. My dad and I picked him up and got him home.
Then last night I came down with it. It's lovely.
Now that I'm feeling almost normal again, Brynna has come down with it again.
Fun days ahead in our house. I can only hope Trey doesn't come down with it. So far so good.

Shoot me now.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trey's birth video (fixed)

Updated: sorry about the privacy setting... Should be public now :)

Sorry to say there are a LOT of pics of me just sitting around, but I'm glad we put this together to remember :) Enjoy!

oh- there are a couple graphic-y picstures but I tried to blur them out a bit ;-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally, Trey's birth story

As you can imagine, it's been a bit of an exhausting week. We came home last Sunday and it's been kind of a blur since. Taking care of 2 kiddos, even with help, can be a challenge at times and is going to take some getting used to (any tips BTDT?). Hopefully, it gets easier?

So, the birth story...

As you know, we scheduled our induction for Friday, Sept 14th. We were set to be at the hospital at 7. We dropped B off at my IL on the way, grabbed a quick snack at the gas station and headed in. We got all checked in and in our room by 7:20 or so. Our nurse Kristi, who was AMAZING (and as a side note is studying to be an NP-CNMW and will graduate in April- hence why she was so awesome!), went over everything with us for about 30 minutes, got me in a gown, in bed and started IV and pitocin at 8. At this point Batman made an outlandish prediction that baby boy would be born by 1pm. I kind of rolled my eyes at him thinking it was going to be a bit longer than that.

Just like with Brynna, pitocin without having my water broken, was uneventful. We "labored" like this for what seemed like EVER! Even when she cranked things up (which she only went up to 20 {out of 40units}) and my cx were 1 min apart, I could barely feel them. Didn't have ANYTHING stronger than a good BH. After a bit, she turned it down a little, but still kept them consistent at every 2 min. Batman and I walked around the room, played cards, joked, watch a little TV, took some terrible pictures, and tried to figure out a name for our little man. At 9:30 I was really getting antsy to have my doc come back and break my water. I knew NOTHING was going to happen without it, but he was having a bit of a busy office day (apparently) and wasn't able to get over.

Finally, at 10:30 Kristi paged him and told him I was begging him to get things moving ;-) She was my best advocate LOL. I was still "laboring" (I put it quotes because, while I was technically in labor, I wasn't feeling ANY.THING.) and hanging out in our room with Batman just twiddling my thumbs (sometimes literally). At 11 Dr West showed up and and checked me. I was only at a 4/ 80-90% effaced. A little progress from Wednesday, but not much (but still farther along than I was when I was induced with B- I was only at a 2 with her when he broke my water).

And here's when things started moving, which I knew they would. Water was broken at 10:55. Kristi strapped on the telemetry monitor so I could do some laps around the hallway about 11:15 (she had to have a good 20 minutes ofHR/ CX on the dinosaur monitor before I could move to the "movable" one). I was finally starting to feel like cx were actually making progress. Batman and I walked the hallway for about 20 mins. Cx were still coming every 2 min, but much stronger than before. Obviously, I could still walk and talk through them, but they were definitely making themselves known. At this point, Batman realized he needed to take care of some *ahem* business before things got really moving, so he walked me back to my room and headed to the bathroom. Kristi sat me on the ball and had me rock for a while. I think by the time Batman got back to my room it was a little after noon.

I was really feeling cx now and was having a hard time talking through them. Kristi had turned the pit completely off a little earlier, so I knew my body was taking over and little man would be coming soon (or at least I was hoping!) She suggested I try sitting on the toilet backwards for a while and laboring there, holding on to the handicap bar. OMG this was really a godsend! (oh and PS I had/have this total fear of shitting myself while in labor- since I did with B and was TOTALLY disgusted with myself- so this was a great way to circumvent that issue) Here's where the timeline gets a bit fuzzy. Batman says I labored there for about 20-30 minutes or so, moaning quietly and breathing through each one. I started to feel like I was going to be sick (never did throw up though) so they got me up and I moved to the edge of the bed and swayed for a couple cx, which was REALLY difficult. I can remember thinking to myself "standing is NOT helping the pain- I just want to get into bed!" Kristi and Batman both put some pressure on my hips and talked me through breathing. After what felt like the LONGEST 2 cx ever, she asked if I wanted to crawl into the bed- *nods vigorously* and of course another cx hit while she was lowering the bed enough for me to get up into it.

Just as I heaved my body (and I do mean heaved- it was all I could do to get myself up there, even with it at normal height) my doc walks in. Apparently, right after I got off the toilet Kristi paged him with the "get here ASAP" message. He immediately got into his paper gown and said "let's have this baby!" I was on all fours in the bed and at once felt the need to push (later Batman addmitted to me that he was afraid I was going to push little man out that way ;-)

Between Batman and Kristi they were able to get me on my side while my doc checked me (the only time since he broke my water that I was checked... it was kind of awesome not being prodded all morning long) and I was at a 10! I pushed with the next contraction, gritting my teeth, telling myself "I can do this" even though I felt like my vag was ripping in half (well, it kinda was). Then again with the next and the next and then... Little Man was HERE! At 1pm almost to the second (per Kristi) Trey arrived and was laid immediately on my chest where he remained for the next 45-60 min. No whisking away to get poked and weighed, no crazy hubbub. Just me and my 2 men (well, and Kristi and Dr West and another nurse- who took some pics).

We hung out, discussed names (he was almost an Evan), nursed, talked, and just explored the wonderment of our new little guy. I had a small tear that required 2 stitches, but nothing big. The afterbirth euphoria was AWESOME! Everything about Trey's birth was SO nice and what I wish every l&d was like. (don't get me wrong, I had no issues with B's birth, but this time it was so laid back and "easy" and serene and calm... almost perfect, to be honest) I wish I could express in words how awesome the whole experience was.
Depsite having the cord wrapped around his neck twice, Trey got apgars of 8 and 9. He officially weighed in at 8 lbs 2.2 oz and measured 20.25 in long. Bigger than his sister, but just the right size for a little boy a week overdue, if you ask me ;-)

Nursing is... well that's a post for another day. Needless to say, it's been a struggle, like with Brynna, but we are working on it and determined to make it a year.

I've got a slide show in the works with all the pics from the hospital. I hope to have it up in the next day or so ;-)

Whew! I hope I didn't forget anything!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry to keep you waiting!

He made it and rather quickly ;) I'll have the full birth story up in a couple days when we get settled at home, but he's here and perfect!

Trey Benjamin born at 1pm. 8lbs 2oz, 20.25 in long. I had the BEST nurse ever :) and a great coach in batman.

Trey is a great nurser so far and we are so in love!

Here's a couple pics to tide you over until I can get the rest up with the birth story.

The day is here

And here is sit in a hospital bed. Pitocin was started about 35 min ago. I'm contracting regularly every couple min, but nothing I cant handle... In fact I can barely feel them lol. It's startlingly similar so far to my labor with b. I'm waiting on my doc to come and check me and then break my water, which should be in the next half hour or so

I'll update more when I can! Or rather batman might be the one ;) here we go!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It just hit me

I'm having a baby tomorrow... I'm having a BABY.



I'm starting to get a little anxious. Not so much about L&D, but mostly about the idea of an infant in the house, adding to our family, how Brynna is going to react, how the dynamic is going to change... I'm a big ball of nerves.

24 hours from now, I'm sure I will be just fine, but right now? I'm going a little crazy,

Wish me luck? I could use a few prayers too ;-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

D day is looming

All looked good at our u/s, Nst and appt. Little man seems to be content to stay a whole longer so we've given him an eviction notice!

If he doesn't come tomorrow on his own, he's being kicked out in Friday! :) While I'm not too keen on induction, it's time and we are anxious to meet this little guy. Plus my doc is in and out all next week, so it makes sense to do it when we know he's available.

I don't think I'm nervous... Yet. Just excited to get on with the next stage of this journey :)

40 weeks +

I'm really, really, REALLY hoping this is my last weekly update ;-) We will see at my appt later today!
Belly #2 (taken last night)
 Belly #1
So here's the comparison pics:

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 40 weeks (plus a few days)

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about 21 in long (about the size of a small pumpkin) and weighs about 7.75-8 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Haven't been weighed since my last update, but I think I'm up another lb? So overall 35 by my score and 37 by the doc's (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) ;-)

Clothes: maternity dresses mostly

Gender: still a nameless Team Blue.

Movement: I'm noticing he does a TON of moving about 8pm, more than any other time of day.

Sleep: It's been okay. I'm still taking unisom every night, but hopefully those days are NUMBERED!

What I miss: Seeing and being able reach my feet. I totally need a pedicure!

Cravings: sweet stuff again. I've been making a ton of zuchinni bread (or as B calls it- "bikini cake" since people keep giving me gargantuan zuchinni. It's helped ease the craving ;-)

Symptoms: Heartburn, sciatic pain and numbness down the front of my left leg, CONSTANT cx- mostly BH, the linea negra finally popped up, but it's much more faint this time around. I keep getting this really weird nerve pain on the inside of both legs in my groin area. I assume it's because little man is sitting in a weird spot.

Moment this week: Nada. I'm just ready to give this kid is eviction notice!

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this little guy.

Milestones: Made it to my EDD and then passed it right by... 41 weeks officially tomorrow. Wish me luck? Oh, also I had a birthday last week... LOL that counts as a milestone, right? I can't even tell you how much I hoped little man was going to make his debut that day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quiet weekend

Yep, still here and pregnant ;) sorry I haven't gotten a 40 week update out yet. I haven't been able to get batman to take a pic, but hopefully tonight :)

We had s pretty low key weekend. B and I spent Friday afternoon with my mil and her friend at Art in the Park which is annual thing for us. Lots of vendors with great handmade stuff :) all a bit overpriced of course, but it was a fun 3 hours of walking and enjoying the weather :)

Saturday b and I laid low after swim lessons (batman had drill all weekend). We played at home, watched lots of football and kept our feet up.

Sunday we went out to the base for family day! We look forward to it every year and it didn't disappoint :) good food, lots of free goodies, bounce houses (even if they were in the fuel barn), it was a blast :) too bad it's only once a year lol

Yesterday was a down day and we almost always have a lazy day since batman worked the weekend. Yesterday was no exception. We played outside, watched movies and snuggled, played games and spent time just the 3 of us. I have a feeling it was our last really good "just the 3 of us" time.

Our appt is tomorrow at 1 with an u/s and nst. Wish us luck that little man is ready to come out ;)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Update: no update

Yep, that pretty much sums up my appointment. No change from last week- still just about 3cm and about 80% effaced.

I was all set to schedule an induction for Monday and/or have him strip my membranes, but based on his (and Batman's lol) recommendation we just scheduled an u/s and nst for Wednesday. Which I will probably make it to.

So here I wait impatiently. I guess it gives us more time to figure out his name.

I'll post a 40 week update and pic here in the next couple days.

Yep, still preggo

Appt later this morning. Hopefully, we can either schedule an induction or hear some good news :)

I'll update if there is anything to update ;)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vent :-/

I'm so ready to be done! Can't this kid come out already!? Sorry to be a complainer but this go 'round I'm in pain and impatient and tired of waiting and just D. O. N. E.

Yesterday I tried anything I could think of (barring castor oil... Won't go that far) and I got a good couple hours of cx- post nipple stimulation and sex-that I thought were doing something, but they petered out by bedtime :( I tried ginger tea (per my grandma) red raspberry leaf tea, the above including a pretty good *ahem* O ;) spicy food, walking, the list goes on. And nothing. :( I'm tired of being pregnant and I want to meet this little guy already!!!

Can I get some labor vibes or prayers?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

38/39 weeks

Welp! I'm down to the last few updates (hopefully!)
Here's belly #2 (sorry for the cheesy smile)
Compared to belly #1

Pregnancy HighlightsHow Far Along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about 20 in long (about the size of a mini watermelon) and weighs about 7.25 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was only up 1 lb both this week and last so overall I'm at 36 by their scale (I think) and 34 by mine

Clothes: Mainly dresses these days since my belly is big enough that shirts don't seem to cover everything

Gender: Team Blue.

Movement: Still makind his kick count "quota"

Sleep: Bad this last week even with meds. Brynna has been the culprit more often than not though. I wonder if she's growing again?

What I miss: Life before pregnancy. I'm so ready to be done at this point!

Cravings: none

Symptoms: Heartburn, sciatic pain and numbness down the front of my left leg, CONSTANT cx- mostly BH I think!

Moment this week: I'm up to 3+ cm dilated this week! Not sure on effacement but i was 70% last week so i assume at least that much. I'm making progress :) I'm thinking my doc is expecting sometime this week as he made sure to give me his card to have him paged if he's not on call (he didn't even bother when I had B). Yesterday I timed cx and they were anywhere from 3-10 min apart pretty much all afternoon. Still not really anything that feels like it's doing anything (aka not painful by any means), but something may be going on? We'll see. Please send labor vibes ;-)

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this little guy.

Milestones: I guess I missed a few over the last couple weeks- more stretch marks- BOOO!! and swelling enough that I had to remove my wedding ring (DOUBLE BOO!) almost to my EDD :)

Hoping my next "weekly" update will actually be a birth story!