Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yep, it's been THAT long since I updated... YIKES!!

We really had a fun Halloween. B was the CUTEST cow! We took her to Batman's old office for a quick trick or treat in the morning, then we went and had a fun morning at the library! They had lots of songs and dancing, plus some "special" trick or treating :) Brynna got to take home some candy, chocolate milk (which I broke down and let her drink... no adverse effects thank goodness) and even a BOOK! She was so excited to get to pick one all by herself to take home :) After naps and errands, we went over to my IL for dinner and real trick or treating!

Brynna's cousins Roenan and Phoenix, joined in the fun (although Phoenix stayed in the house with Grandpa and Grandma while the rest of us braved th cold and went door to door).

Here are the few blurry pics I managed to take with my phone (the good ones are still on my IL camera... do you see why we need to invest in a good camera of our own?):

where to begin?

Thanks for the encouragment on blogging again... I'm trying to find time to sit in front of the computer, but for some reason I keep finding it hard. I need to carve out some much needed "blogging" time for reading and writing ;-)

SO where to begin? Let's start with the easy stuff... TTC

AF came on Oct 31 and only lasted a few days. Not at all what her visits were like prior to Brynna, so maybe things are headed in the right direction? Here I am on CD31. Not really feeling like we caught any eggie... not even sure one dropped to be honest.

When I had the IUD out, the NP suggested I wait 2 months or 2 cycles- whichever came first- then make an appt to talk with my doc about possibly starting clomid again. Dec 10 will be the 2 month mark.

But to be honest, I'm not sure (or we since Batman's opinion does count) I'm ready to go back on meds. I kind of want to just wait and see what happens, if my body can function properly on its own, if there is something to the "relax" approach (for the record, I am a firm believer that it's more of a numbers game than it is about "relax it will happen"- Brynna was a miracle. period).

So that's where we are on that. I don't really have any desire to POAS, just to be disappointed. Plus I dont have any HPT in the house so that pretty much gets rid of any temptation ;-) I had one OPK sitting under the counter a few days ago and for the sake of peeing on SOMETHING, I went ahead... of course it was negative ;-)

Hopefully, the next update will be better

Monday, November 28, 2011

Reclaiming my blogging mojo

Okay, it's seriously been way. Too. Long.

So many things have been going on. And yet, it doesn't seem like it.

So I'm here to vow that I WILL start blogging again!! So if in the next few days it seems like my blog has thrown up a bit with updates... don't be scared away ;-)

So here goes nothing...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Neglected Blog

Apparently I've been on a blogging hiatus without really realizing it. I'm still here, still alive, still busy...

I think I've just lost my blogging mojo.

I keep thinking "oh, this is so going on my blog" over and over. And then it doesn't.

I guess I just need to force myself to sit down and start writing and reading again. Maybe it will come back after a little inspiration?

I promise I'm coming back... just need to find the motivation.

Oh and in case you're curious on the ttc front? AF finally arrived after 3 weeks and today's cd10... wish us luck ;-)