Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to cope

I know I've posted this on the boards over the last couple days... but how did you BTDT deal with the new stretch marks? I know it's probably normal (and even a little silly) to have a meltdown over them, but I did. And I'm still lamenting the loss of my "perfect" belly skin :( HELP!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preggo brain attacks again!

So I am a complete slacker and not only did I forget to take pics of Batman and his friend putting the crib together, I then forgot to post the one pic I ACTUALLY took of it! Silly me! Well, better late than never, right?

So there it sits in the corner of the nursery, just waiting for some other "friends" to join it... like the dresser/ changing table, curtains, chandelier, bedding, Olive, etc.

On a brighter note, we leave for Seattle in only 2 days! Wedding, shower, Mariner's game, family... what more could you ask for?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

He survived

Yes indeedy, Batman survived an entire day of seeing lots of vag, nipples, babies, placentas... all the wonderful experiences you get from a childbirth class. We chose to get the "all in one day" version vs having to sit through 4 "once a week" ones. Mistake or wise decision? I think we are still undecided, but we are glad it's over with ;-)
Batman was a good sport and managed not to get too queezy when they showed crowning and the first incision of a c section (I assured him he wouldn't have to look at either of those of mine if he didn't want to. I'm perfectly comfortable with him just hanging out around my head whatever the case).
On the most positive note, Batman said he actually learned a lot and felt it was now more than a "hold your hand and tell you to push" process- more partner involved. I think he won't feel so helpless now if I'm screaming in pain... or he will, but he might be able to handle it better ;-)
Here are a few choice pics from the day (and personally, one of my favorite parts):

A few of putting on the belly. She made him do a bunch of things to really get the feel for it, like sitting on the floor then having to get back up, laying down and trying to roll over, doing a bunch of the breathing exercises, trying to tie his shoe, etc.

I think this is a lovely preggo number, don't you? Really brings out his eyes! LOL

The two of us...

And comparing bellies. Do you see now why people ask me if I'm about to pop?

Overall the class was pretty informative. I didn't really learn anything new, but it was fun to go through all the breathing techniques and positions and have Batman make me laugh all day. He did learn a lot and I think we are both better (hopefully) prepared for when Olive decides to make her arrival.
I have to say, the BEST part of the day had really nothing to do with either of us though.
There we all are (13 couples), getting into different "comfort" positions (side-laying, inclined sitting, etc with pillows) to practice relaxing and breathing and a lady across the room RIPS A HUGE ONE! OMG!! I thought I was going to die. I tried not to laugh... I really did! But the worst part is that instead of just playing it off (since we were all supposed to be relaxing and focusing on our breath) she grabs at her ass in a HUGE gesture of embarrassment. On top of that her partner makes it worse by cuddling up close to her and giggling right along with the half of us that can't control our laughter. Batman and I were CRYING we were laughing so hard! I felt terrible for her... later. I think I was just happy it was her not me! Because I can TOTALLY see myself being in her shoes! I guess all I can say is- she was relaxed...LOL

Class aside, I got a wonderful surprise yesterday!! We FINALLY got a CRIB!!! Secretly, my parents ordered it weeks ago and it finally came in to BRU yesterday afternoon. It's this one and I LOVE IT! Batman and his friend E are going to put it together TONIGHT! I'll have plenty more pics to share tomorrow, I'm sure. On top of that, it even came with a mattress!! Woot! I guess last month when it was ordered BRU was running a promo that if you spent so much on a crib, they would throw the mattress in for free. My parents went one step further and upgraded to a "better" ( I guess) one than they were giving :)
We did have one snafu through the process. When it was picked up yesterday, no mattress was with it. OOPS! So after a talk with my parents (aka my very pissed off Mom), BRU realized their mistake and had it ready for us to pick up today after our class. On top of that, they gave us a $10 gift card for the inconvenience. How great is that? Way to go Mom!!

Whew! If you got through all that, pat yourself on the back.
I'll update more on the crib tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It doesn't take a handyman...

To put together a stroller. Batman did a great job putting together our travel system when it came in yesterday!! I can't rave enough about it and I can't wait for Olive to get to use it!

Here are a few pics we took of the process ;-)

OH and a quick shout out to Alby who has been TTC for too long. She got some GREAT betas back after her first IVF with the "little embie that could" ;-) Stick in there little guy (or girl)!!! Congrats Alby!! :) I'm so, so excited for you! I guess those pee sticks that I have been meaning to send to you since APRIL (SORRY!), you won't be needing after all ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

32 weeks

So here I am at 32 wks. My EDD is getting closer and closer, frighteningly so. You know, I just realized the other day that the hospital is going to want me to take Olive home. And actually try not to kill her. Scary!

Here's the blooming belly:
32 wk belly
as huge as ever.
Especially according any random stranger that I come into contact with (I've been getting the normal "Wow you are huge!" comments and the "You look like you are about to pop" is another favorite) Why do people have to be so mean? And stupid?

Anyway, BP was good 110/72, weight gain was only a few pounds but it puts me at 30 overall so far. Ugh! He thinks I'm still in the normal range, even if I am closer to the high end of normal. I passed the GD test no problem, but my iron is a little on the low side (still in normal range though). I told him I'd just eat more spinach. Batman is going to help me integrate it into EVERY meal from here on out ;-)
Olive's h/b was good and "very active" which I could have told him since she has been pummeling my kidney and ribs over the last couple of weeks. (Oh she's head down, did I tell you that already?)

So even though my weight is still considered normal, you know what he said? That he'd like me to exercise more (meaning exercise period since all I do is walk... and that's only sporadically). So swimming it is. My IL have a pool so from here on out I'm going to try and make it over there 2-3 times a week and swim laps or tread water.

I'm now going every 2 weeks so next appt is Sept 2. Scary! The end is in sight ;-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Showers #1 and #2

I had two showers last week and this weekend and they both turned out FABULOUS!! :) Thursday work threw me one and the two ladies that put it on were so wonderful! They even decorated our office a little bit to make it more "festive," all in the nursery colors.
Saturday was the one BFF "threw" for me and even though there was a few snafoos in the beginning (aka I ended up doing pretty much everything until my WONDERFUL neighbor came over and helped me out- K didn't end up showing up until 2... which is when it was supposed to start- I blame her hubby) it really turned out great! I didn't have time to edit the pics so I just have a link to the albums on photobucket. Enjoy! :) Here for my work shower and here for the one on Saturday.
Batman and I decorated our own bibs for Olive too! But I haven't taken pics of them yet. As soon as I do, you know I'll post them ;-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

She came through... sort of

So BFF K and I went out shopping last night for my shower this weekend and lo and behold... she ended up paying for over half the stuff we got!! Hooray! I feel like she is really coming through and now I kind of regret complaining about the whole thing. I guess it's all these preggo hormones getting the better of me. And now I really feel like I was being a complete bitch by pissing and moaning about the whole thing. Thanks for siding with me anyway ;-)

I can't wait for Saturday now!! I know it's going to be a lot of fun! It will be a really small shower- only 7 not including myself. But it's all close friends and family :) Plus K and Megs are coming early to help set up and my very best neighbor friend D has volunteered to help me clean up- which is just so sweet of her.

I tell you we have some really awesome neighbors!! Batman and I were home last night watching a movie and when I looked out the window our neighbor was MOWING OUR LAWN! How awesome is that?! Needless to say, we ran out and insisted he let us help him (aka let us finish)- which he sort of did LOL (meaning he finished our front yard and let Batman "help" him mow our back yard) If that isn't a GREAT neighbor and friend, I don't know what is! We are so blessed, I tell you!!

I'll make sure and get pics and of course post them!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Movie review

If you have ever been on the fence about eating meat, or otherwise healthy/ unhealthy foods, go see Food, Inc. Heck even the trailer will probably change some minds. All I can say is WOW! Meat doesn't really come into our house very often, but now? Now it will be even less... if EVER! The way these big companies handle our food these days is pretty sickening. And the way they treat the farmers that actually GROW the food we eat is almost as bad.

If you have seen it, what did you think?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend wrap up and a little bit of a vent

We had a good, but busy weekend, as usual.
Friday I went and saw Julie and Julia with BFF Megs- SO GOOD!! I highly recommend it! ;-) Makes me want to learn to cook more LOL
Batman is helping a friend and coworker paint his house, so was gone most of Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I took Kino to the Doggie Day Spaw and got him all washed and as fur free as he gets ;-) He's a much happier dog, I think and Batman is a much happier guy with less dog hair being spread all over our house.
I picked up more fabric for Olive's bedding and got to working on that... only problem is, I forgot to prewash the fabric. I figured it would be fine, since it's for the bumper and I wouldn't be putting it in the wash anyway, just spot treating any stains. Silly me! In the midst of sewing some pieces together, I knocked over my lemonade (bad idea to have it ANYWHERE near where I working since I'm such a klutz) ALL OVER THE FABRIC! Which meant I had to wash it... 100% cotton. Gah! You should have heard me ranting all over the kitchen! Sad to say, there were more than a few F bombs dropped. I think I scared Kino ;-)
I think it will end up alright. I washed it on cold water and hung it to dry and it doesn't look like it shrank (is that the right word? Sounds wrong) too much. I'll make do.
Sunday I spent with BFF, K at Costco and her dad took us out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was OH SO YUMMY!! Batman doesn't really like to eat there so we hardly ever go.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Now can I just complain a little? One of my BFFs is supposedly planning my shower (which is Saturday). Doesn't this mean that I really shouldn't have to do much? I guess I'm just a little frustrated that it feels like I'm planning it myself, when I would rather just give over the reins to her. I bought all the stuff for the invites and helped her make them. I addressed them and sent them out (paying for postage) I will have to buy any "prizes" for the games, decide which games we play, buy any favors, and pay for the "art project" we have planned (bibs). And any food we want? Ya, that's up to me too. One of my other BFFs- Megs- has been enlisted to make a cake- bless her heart (added bonus she is a DELICIOUS COOK!) and has asked if there is anything she can help with. Is it bad that I kind of wish she were the one planning it instead? I really hate to complain about something so silly, and I feel like I'm being a complete bitch about the whole thing. Am I crazy? If I am please tell me because I HATE feeling like this :( What do you think? Is my frustration warranted or should I just let it go?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

30 wks

First a shout out to my online friend Crystal who had her baby boy yesterday!! Congrats sweetie!! He is just the cutest little guy I have EVER seen!! I can't wait to hear her full birth story!

Here is this week's belly pic:

30 wks

The belly has really taken on a life of its own. I had no idea I could even GET this big... and it looks like it won't be slowing down anytime soon! EEK!
Long gone are the days of even this stomach ;-) And I wasn't even in very good shape back then (5wk pic from BFP day).


Someday I'll get back there though, right? With some hard work and a good diet, right? Right? RIGHT?

I've been feeling pretty good over the last couple weeks. PT has been going great and has really helped with back pain. I am having the typical 3T woes of leg cramps, heartburn, inability to sleep, etc. but I'm taking it all in stride and TRYING not to complain too much. I know Olive is just growing like a weed in there :) (she's the size of a cabbage now?)

I'm hoping to get the tech at my office to do another u/s this week sometime and see if Olive is still breech- she was as of 2 weeks ago (did I ever post those u/s pics? I can't remember- if not let me know and I will- we got an uber cute one of her "smiling") I keep getting kicked in the same places so I doubt she has turned. I'm not too worried yet. And have you noticed the ticker? 69 days? WHAT?

I have no idea where my weight gain is these days, but I'm guessing somewhere between 25-30 lbs at this point. I'm fine with it as long as my doc is fine with it. Which he was at my last appt. That's about it though ;-)

Some follow-up on your comments- Thanks so much for liking the nursery colors and dust ruffle. I should have curtains finished by the end of the week, I think - for Erika we got the paint at Kelly Moore and the color is technically called "green shirt" as they matched it to a shirt I dyed. I couldn't find any fabric in the color green I wanted for Olive's bedding so the lady at Hancock's convinced me I could dye my own to get the color I wanted. The color of the dye is called spring green and is made by Dylon
For Jenny- the only hint I can give out about Olive's name is that her initials are BMW- hence the "beamer" onesie I made for Batman for Father's Day ;-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

I told you I'd come through ;-)

Here are the before pics, when the nursery was still my craft room- filled with all sorts of junk... can you tell I hadn't used the room in a while?

And here are the in between pics- we had taken everything out of the room and put it where it belonged, taken down the shelves and patched the holes

And here are the finished (well, painted anyway) products ;-)

First with our glider in the corner- not sure if it will stay there or not- it kind of takes up half the room!

Then Batman and his dad- they were so proud ;-) It helps that they are both professional painters, don't you think?

And last but not least, here is the dust ruffle I finished over the weekend too. I put if over an ottoman so you could get a better effect - please disregard Batman's hairy leg:

What do you think? And if you totally hate it... just be kind and lie to me LOL ;-)

Pics coming... and 200th post!

Pics are coming, I promise! Batman's computer was being extremely slow this morning and we were running late. Hopefully I can get it working tonight ;-) I should have before pics- when the room was still my craft room and a DISASTER, in between pics of when it was cleaned, but not painted, then the painted pics :)

It's also my 200th post... I think!! I have no idea how I got to 200, but somehow I did. Yay for me! :) I guess all this venting adds up over time LOL

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paint day

We are painting the nursery today (finally). Pics to come when it's all finished... maybe even a couple before ones too so you can compare the disaster to the halfway point ;)