Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend wrap up and a little bit of a vent

We had a good, but busy weekend, as usual.
Friday I went and saw Julie and Julia with BFF Megs- SO GOOD!! I highly recommend it! ;-) Makes me want to learn to cook more LOL
Batman is helping a friend and coworker paint his house, so was gone most of Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I took Kino to the Doggie Day Spaw and got him all washed and as fur free as he gets ;-) He's a much happier dog, I think and Batman is a much happier guy with less dog hair being spread all over our house.
I picked up more fabric for Olive's bedding and got to working on that... only problem is, I forgot to prewash the fabric. I figured it would be fine, since it's for the bumper and I wouldn't be putting it in the wash anyway, just spot treating any stains. Silly me! In the midst of sewing some pieces together, I knocked over my lemonade (bad idea to have it ANYWHERE near where I working since I'm such a klutz) ALL OVER THE FABRIC! Which meant I had to wash it... 100% cotton. Gah! You should have heard me ranting all over the kitchen! Sad to say, there were more than a few F bombs dropped. I think I scared Kino ;-)
I think it will end up alright. I washed it on cold water and hung it to dry and it doesn't look like it shrank (is that the right word? Sounds wrong) too much. I'll make do.
Sunday I spent with BFF, K at Costco and her dad took us out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was OH SO YUMMY!! Batman doesn't really like to eat there so we hardly ever go.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Now can I just complain a little? One of my BFFs is supposedly planning my shower (which is Saturday). Doesn't this mean that I really shouldn't have to do much? I guess I'm just a little frustrated that it feels like I'm planning it myself, when I would rather just give over the reins to her. I bought all the stuff for the invites and helped her make them. I addressed them and sent them out (paying for postage) I will have to buy any "prizes" for the games, decide which games we play, buy any favors, and pay for the "art project" we have planned (bibs). And any food we want? Ya, that's up to me too. One of my other BFFs- Megs- has been enlisted to make a cake- bless her heart (added bonus she is a DELICIOUS COOK!) and has asked if there is anything she can help with. Is it bad that I kind of wish she were the one planning it instead? I really hate to complain about something so silly, and I feel like I'm being a complete bitch about the whole thing. Am I crazy? If I am please tell me because I HATE feeling like this :( What do you think? Is my frustration warranted or should I just let it go?


Fine For Now said...

I'm helping plan a friend's shower for October and we feel bad "bothering" her with questions of what she would like. I think if someone offers to give you a shower, they are offereing to GIVE you a shower! All things handled!

Sorry it worked out that way for you :(

Morgan said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend, minus the lemonade spill! Eeek! I would have been royally pissed off too! Sorry girl!

About your shower, this is my honest opinion. You should NOT have to pay or do any planning for anything T! I can't believe she is making you do some of these things. I can understand her asking your OPINION on certain things but when someone offers to give you a shower, like Fine For Now said, they are offering to "GIVE" you a shower, not assist you in giving yourself one. Sheesh! It actually pisses me off because you deserve to kick back and not do a damn thing! If I lived there I'd give you the best shower help needed! :) I'm sorry it turned out that way...what a freakin' bummer!

Andrea said...

You should not have to do ONE SINGLE thing for your shower except show up and open gifts!! I'm kind of in shock with what your friend is having you do!

Kickin' Kari said...

SO, what is SHE doing for the shower that SHE is throwing you?? You don't offer to throw someone a shower and then make them do all the work and pay for things! Your feelings are by far warranted!!

I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud when you talked about your "F" bomb spat...I totally feel that rage when I do things like that....My dog Emma gets up and moves away from me. She knows Momma needs her space. HAHA

anyway, Hope u have a good week and score some AMAZING gifts to make up for all your hardwork!

Mary said...

I agree with the other girls. You should just have to show up to the shower and thats all. None of this should be on your shoulders. I'd be a bit pissed too:(

Christina said...

Yep, I agree with everyone else, it's YOUR shower and whoever offered to throw it is in charge of pretty much everything.

My SIL is doing mine on the 29th and all I've done is give her the names and addresses of everyone and she asked how many games I wanted to play. That's it.

I hope you have a good time though at your shower!

Anonymous said...

Your frustration is totally warranted, IMO. If she is the one planning the shower then she becomes the person responsible for all of the planning.

It's rude to have you do anything beyond provide addresses for the invites.
But again, just my opinion.

Happily Married said...

Just getting caught up after being away the last 2 weeks or so but I think your nursery looks great! Sorry about the fabric mishap and the shower issues. You're not being petty. If she offered to throw the shower those are all HER duties. Hope you have a great time at it though!

Carbon said...

I'm so sorry about your shower gripes. You do have a right to gripe!

My shower is being planned, and the only thing I've had to do is give one of my friends a list of people and addresses for invites. Oh, and I've also had to help pick a date and help get my friend in touch with my mom because my mom is helping with the planning.

You could always skimp or skip out on the traditional "hostess gift" to return the favor...

I hope your shower is marvelous to make up for it though!

Morgan said...

Oh I forgot, I giggled at the part of you scaring your dog cussing. When I start cussing my dog hides under our coffee taoble LOL!

Rikki said...

I've always thought it was up to the hostess of the shower to take care of everything. All I had to do for mine was make a list of the people I wanted to come and give their address to the hostess. So yes I think your frustration is warranted, whats the point of having her host the shower if you are doing all the work!?

I can't wait to see Olive's finished nursery! I'm sure it'll be beautiful.

Ash said...

I agree with all the others. The whole point of hosting a shower- is you know, hosting it! You shouldn't have had to do anything besides give a list of addresses and names.

Sorry about that and the cotton spill!

Can't wait to see the finished nursery though:)

nancy said...

It sucks, but you gotta let it go. She's your bff and this is the way she's dealing with it (and i bet you that you are being overly nice and offering too, huh - aren't you!? ~wink~)

But yes, a shower should be for YOU where all you have to do is give the guest list and show up. But this will be your only shower (unless you decide to have showers for future babies, I only had the one) and you don't want resentment. Enjoy what you can and try to let the negatives, no matter how warrented, go.

Tiffanie said...

hey, thanks for the wisdom on the "tissue issue." atleast you didn't say you saw it on house;) (i frequently have patients whose parents ask for ridiculous treatments, like a brain transplant, because house did it)

anyway, totally not being a bitch about the shower. it's your shower. you're not supposed to do anything but provide the guest list. that sux you are doing everything and throwing your own shower:(

Katie said...

Clearly, your bff is not throwing you a shower. She is showing up to "host" a shower that you are throwing for yourself. And that?

Is RIDICULOUS!! I mean REE--DI--CU--LOUS!!!! Seriously!

I think I would try to find a way to bring all this up to the friend and tell her that most "hostesses" do the WORK and planning that goes along with the fact that they VOLUNTEERED to give you a shower! ARGH! Sorry....but I can't believe that your friend is making it like this for you.

I'm sorry! (((Hugs)))