Sunday, April 17, 2011

And we are off

We left for Sea-town this morning with my brothers. We will be visiting family for the next couple of weeks, and I get to finally meet my new SIL-to-be- Yippee! Should be a grand time!

I will try and check in with everyone as I can, but since I won't have my personal computer, it may be hit and miss.

Hope everyone has a great couple weeks!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Do you ever have those days that even though almost everything else is great, one thing just makes the whole day seem like a downer?

That was yesterday...

Everything was going great! And I do mean everything! My brothers got here safe, I scored a cute outfit for a great deal at BRU for Brynna for her Easter basket, watching my neighbors daughter was a breeze in the morning (FUN even! We played a very interesting, but super fun game of life), I got in my work out, make great eating choices (well, until dinner, but that was my "free" meal this week).

And then I got to my cheer clinics. And one of my new candidates bailed. The one that I was REALLY, REALLY hoping was going to stay. But there was a new girl. And by the end of the clinic she approached me and said she really didn't think it was for her. Softball is more her style, you see.

And as soon as I left when we were done, it hit me.

Discouragement. Frustration. Irritation. But mainly, discouragement.

I feel like I'm doing everything wrong. And it's silly really because I know I'm not. But for some reason that one girl not showing up made me feel like everything else was falling apart too.

I kind of wonder if I've got some hormone issues going on right now?

Friday, April 15, 2011

My brothers are coming, my brothers are coming

In my head that sounded like Paul Revere's ride, but somehow it just doesn't equate electronically.

Anyway, yes both my brothers are coming into town today! I'm excited to see them! We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving and I miss them a lot! And they are both coming!

See, my older brother does this for a living. Well, more specifically he directs all the summer camp programs for the church we all grew up in, including the regional camp grounds. And because of this, NNU has hired him to bring this to campus for their regional teen activity days (basically it's laser tag on crack). My little brother works for him over the summers and breaks.

So since they are coming they are going to take B, me and Kino home with them on Sunday and then bring us back in a couple weeks! :) I'm so excited to see my family and meet my SIL to be and meet up with some of my friends from HS that will also be in town (She was one of my besties in HS... and come to find out she also married a military guy [navy] and he's on cruise until Oct. Who'd a thunk?). We have so much fun stuff planned for while we are there! I can't wait!

Now if we can just make it the afternoon without going crazy with excitement, we should be okay ;-)

PS- Thanks Katie for the input :) I think we may look at doing something similar in the fall. We only had 4 returners come and 4 new people, and even though I will probably take everyone (and only because I would even if there were a dozen more- they are all good) I think I want a slightly bigger team than just 8. ;-)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tryouts, tryouts

We decided to do something different with the cheer program this year.
Tryouts in the spring. What a novel idea? Only pretty much every.other.program does it this way ;-) So tonight starts our clinics.
And this year I'm doing interviews.
And there is a chance we may even get a little money to give out a couple small scholarships!

The only thing that disappoints me is that so many of my "returners" aren't actually returning next year. They all "wish they could" but just can't for one reason or another. School load is too heavy, they need to find a job, they are going part time, etc, etc, etc. I've heard just about every excuse.

I guess the next couple days will tell how next year will shape up.

Do you think I'm doing myself (and my team) a disservice my not doing tryouts in the fall when I would capture any incoming freshman? (I have some coming that have already decided to go to NNU, I would just miss those that haven't decided on a school yet or those that aren't on my recruiters list). Hmmm...

OH and this is my 400th post! Who'da thunk I ever would have gotten here... next goal-500!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update...yep it's still there

So the appt was pretty uneventful. I like the NP that saw me. She did a quick pelvic exam and she too couldn't find the strings so she sent me off to u/s. And yep, it's right where it should be. And, no I didn't have it taken out. Apparently, I have to make an appt with my doc to do that. She couldn't. Ah well! I guess it was meant to stay in a little longer. I'll keep working on Batman ;-) And apparently longer periods and irregular spotting is just another side effect of the Mir.ena... Lovely...

If it's not one thing it's another

So the day Batman left, AF showed up... Well, at least I *think* it was AF. And now she has overstayed her welcome and won't. GO. AWAY.

  • I called my doc's office yesterday because a 2.5 wk AF is just a little ridiculous. And the nurse (not my normal nurse, but a PT one) kind of freaked out (more than) a little. She asked if I could still feel the strings of my iud, to which I reminded her (since she supposedly had my chart in front of her) that they had recently been trimmed a 2nd time and were short enough that even the doc would have to go searching for them. She all like "oh my" and "why would Dr. Nice Guy do such a thing" and "that is completely the wrong things to do" and "you're going to have to come in right away."

  • So today I have to go in and see if they can find the iud. May result in an u/s which is no big deal, but kind of a nuisance.

  • And to top it off, she doesn't really think the iud is causing my bleeding. She is just worried that I can't feel the strings... REALLY? I called because my body won't stop BLEEDING! Not because I'm worried about an iud not being in place (aka not working... hell, I'm not even getting any since Batman's gone, so who cares?)!

  • Hopefully the NP I'm seeing today will be a little more reasonable about the whole thing and give me some answers about my actual question... Wish me luck... I may just have her take the dang thing out so I don't have to think about it anymore.

  • (mind you it would probably have to go back in when Batman returns as he's not quite ready to jump on the baby train yet)

  • Sorry about the bullets... blogger won't recognize my spacing and it kind of annoys me

Monday, April 11, 2011

17 months

Okay I'm finally sitting down to write a quick update about B since she turned 17 months...oh, 2 and a half weeks ago. She's doing splendidly these days. Not much changed with her between 16 and 17 months though, so here are things in bullets.

  • She's the same size in dipes, shoes and clothes.

  • Still walking (obviously) and getting into everything.

  • She hasn't really added any more words to her vocabulary yet, which is beginning to really worry me. She's a smart cookie though and follows directions (well, most of the time) and understands anything you say. Just the other day at church, her Sunday school teacher was telling me how smart she thinks she is. I guess she had told them the story of Noah's Ark and B pointed out each of the animals perfectly! I guess all that reading is paying off in some ways ;-)

  • She LOVES coloring still. We've had to start making a rule of only coloring at the table since a few weeks ago she thought it would be good to color our walls. I guess she felt they needed to be a little different color.

  • We found her some crayons that color in the tub and she LOVES them. I think they are almost used up already. Shower time is now color time too LOL (this may make the rule of coloring at the table backfire huh?).

  • She loves carrying around her stuffed animals and dolls. It's the cutest thing, especially at my IL because they have this little stroller that she will stack them in and push them around.

  • She likes stacking blocks and doing her puzzles. She's gotten to wear she can put her pieces back in the correct spot everytime. I may have to get her some new puzzles!

  • As I've said in previous posts, we've been getting out to the park more and more as the weather gets nicer and she's become quite the daredevil, which of course makes this mama always on edge ;-) She's mastered the slide and now will go down on her own no problem!

  • I think it was this month that we discovered Whole.Soy yogurt? Well, she LOVES it! I think this kid could eat it at every meal, I kid you not! She loves it so much, she wears it:

(and for those of your wondering... yes, I did make her a Horde bib in honor of Batman's WOW addiction)

  • I think it was this month, too that she started giving actual "kisses." It's also very cute because you ask her for a kiss and she will come at you with kissy lips. And now that Batman's gone, when we skype she insists on kissing the camera to "kiss him ni-night." So adorable!

  • We discovered the silly song games on the ses.ame. street. website too. She loves "typing" on the keyboard so this has been fun to play with her since it encourages "typing" ha!

Okay, that's all I can think of...

If you are interested in seeing how my weight loss and healthy eating is going, click over here... I had a good scale day yesterday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

blah blah blah blah

The weather here has been downright COLD this week, which means B and I have remained indoors. We did get out to the park 1 day, but only for like 15 min before the rain made it no fun. The highlight of our week was a grocery run on Wednesday... good times! It sucks being stuck indoors and honestly gets downright boring! I need some fun inside things to do! Anyone have any ideas? Games you play with your toddlers? I'm going out of my mind crazy these days and I'm tired of trying to come up with things! HELP!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture Post!

I finally got all our recent pics uploaded to the computer... So as promised here are some shots of our last week before Batman left (sorry about the blurriness- they were all taken with my phone):

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm back! in bullets

Last week was rough. I really hate it when Batman is tdy :( Here's our week in bullets so I don't forget anything... I promise I will be posting more!

  • Batman left Sunday morning (as you know) so after we dropped him off, B and I headed out to breakfast, then home for a nap (much needed) and a day of relaxing

  • We spent a good part of the week trying (but failing for the most part) to stay busy

  • My MIL celebrated her 55th birthday on Wednesday. We went out to dinner with them which was a nice distraction

  • Brynna turned 17 months a couple weeks ago (post to come on that!)

  • I've started to take this weight loss seriously. Batman and I have a $200 bet going on who ends up the "fittest" by the time he comes home. I'm determined to win!

  • I'm down 3.5 lbs this week. He's down 9... guess I have to step things up a bit

  • My older brother got engaged on Saturday! I'm so excited to meet my new SIL to be when we go up to Sea-town in a couple weeks!

  • One of my cheer friends (she's the director of a local cheer gym, is the daughter of my advisor, and has been a family friend of Batman's since he was in middle school) had a beautiful baby boy last Sunday!

  • We had 2 really nice days this week that afforded us the opportunity to get OUTSIDE! We went to 4 different parks in 2 days! It was so fun and I can't wait for summer!

  • I started using my other blog to help me keep up with the whole "losing weight- being healthy" lifestyle. Just really using it as a diary for myself more than anything.

  • Brynna misses her daddy and has had some terrible nights of sleep, but I think she's getting used to him being gone now.

  • We get to with Batman just about every night, which has made things a bit easier this time around. It also helps that he's stateside.

  • I've gotten hooked on old seasons of army wives on net.flix. Probably not the best show when I'm already an emotional mess ;-)

I think that's about it in a nutshell.

Hope everyone is doing well. Pictures and more posts to come!