Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tryouts, tryouts

We decided to do something different with the cheer program this year.
Tryouts in the spring. What a novel idea? Only pretty much every.other.program does it this way ;-) So tonight starts our clinics.
And this year I'm doing interviews.
And there is a chance we may even get a little money to give out a couple small scholarships!

The only thing that disappoints me is that so many of my "returners" aren't actually returning next year. They all "wish they could" but just can't for one reason or another. School load is too heavy, they need to find a job, they are going part time, etc, etc, etc. I've heard just about every excuse.

I guess the next couple days will tell how next year will shape up.

Do you think I'm doing myself (and my team) a disservice my not doing tryouts in the fall when I would capture any incoming freshman? (I have some coming that have already decided to go to NNU, I would just miss those that haven't decided on a school yet or those that aren't on my recruiters list). Hmmm...

OH and this is my 400th post! Who'da thunk I ever would have gotten here... next goal-500!

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Anonymous said...

I know I coached high school and you coach college, so it's a little different, but I faced the same dilemma the last couple of years before I left that school.

I finally decided to have tryouts in the spring and form the core of my squad. BUT, I would let "new to the school" girls join if, AND ONLY IF, they proved to me that they deserved to be there and already had some kinda idea of what they were doing! If they were brand spankin new to cheer and would be more of a hassle than an asset, then they had to wait til the following spring for regular tryouts.

Hope that helps! :-)