Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If it's not one thing it's another

So the day Batman left, AF showed up... Well, at least I *think* it was AF. And now she has overstayed her welcome and won't. GO. AWAY.

  • I called my doc's office yesterday because a 2.5 wk AF is just a little ridiculous. And the nurse (not my normal nurse, but a PT one) kind of freaked out (more than) a little. She asked if I could still feel the strings of my iud, to which I reminded her (since she supposedly had my chart in front of her) that they had recently been trimmed a 2nd time and were short enough that even the doc would have to go searching for them. She all like "oh my" and "why would Dr. Nice Guy do such a thing" and "that is completely the wrong things to do" and "you're going to have to come in right away."

  • So today I have to go in and see if they can find the iud. May result in an u/s which is no big deal, but kind of a nuisance.

  • And to top it off, she doesn't really think the iud is causing my bleeding. She is just worried that I can't feel the strings... REALLY? I called because my body won't stop BLEEDING! Not because I'm worried about an iud not being in place (aka not working... hell, I'm not even getting any since Batman's gone, so who cares?)!

  • Hopefully the NP I'm seeing today will be a little more reasonable about the whole thing and give me some answers about my actual question... Wish me luck... I may just have her take the dang thing out so I don't have to think about it anymore.

  • (mind you it would probably have to go back in when Batman returns as he's not quite ready to jump on the baby train yet)

  • Sorry about the bullets... blogger won't recognize my spacing and it kind of annoys me


~Rachel~ said...

Maybe you take it out now - and he'll jump on board when he gets back! :)

Either way - I hope they actually listen to your real problem and you find out what's wrong today!!

Iris Savea said...

i'm sorry! that really stinks...

Not that this helps, but i actually used to quite frequently have really long periods... when i was a teenager I was known to have one that lasted a month! They actually ended up doing a uterine tissue biopsy and discovering I had endometrial hyperplasia and put me on progesterone for 5 months which seemed to do the trick to stop my 2 1/2 week long periods!

Happily Married said...

Oh my. A 2.5 week AF is MORE than annoying! The iud thing is something to think about but it's not the emergency that the nurse made it out to be. Especially when Dr. Nice Guy trimmed it like you said. Hopefully things work out they way they should and they're able to give you the answers you need to get things back to normal. BTW, Congrats on your workout & weight loss progress! Seeing results really motivates me and it sounds like you're doing fabulous!

someday-soon said...

Ugh...why is AF always such a horrible guest! Hope your appt goes well and you get some answers on the bleeding and the IUD.

Ella said...

Boo, what a pain! And to be alone with B AND have to deal with this? Blah.

Hope the appt goes well and the doc is somewhat helpful and gives you an idea as to why this is happening.