Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Appt update!

Nothing too exciting... sorry to mislead you all with the exclamation point

I am 1cm, Olive's head is "right there," and she is measuring right at 38wks (thankfully his estimate last week of "7lbs already" has stayed about the same, so either she didn't grow too much or the estimate was off) He still thinks she will be showing up around my EDD... I still maintain she'll be a few days late. We'll see who is right! ;-)

I told Batman we probably need to step up the nursery preparation though. It's probably better we have it done BEFORE she gets here (even if she won't notice). We hope to get it all done this week (pics to come of course!) and get all that last minute shopping done too. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

38 wk belly

I finally made a belly pic ON TIME! Woot!
Anyway, here it is from this morning. Please don't look at the ugly stretch marks that have formed ALL OVER THE BOTTOM HALF OF MY BELLY :*( *tears I tell you! Tears!*

Enough of that though. It's been an uneventful preggo week. No change in how I'm feeling (still pretty good, although tired... and HUGE) I have another weekly appt tomorrow morning. I'll update if I can :)

Not really much of an update other than the pic ;-)

OH, I quit my job yesterday. Batman and I decided that I am going to be a SAHM for a while and see how it works out. While I am SO excited I get to stay home with Olive, I'm completely freaked out that I will soon be *UNEMPLOYED*
It will be worth it, but MAN is it scary! EEK!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Still here...

still preggo...
Sorry I haven't updated, but I was going to for sure tomorrow with a belly pic ;-) We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and a fire. Lots of fun there!!
Saturday was cheer, house cleaning, nursery work (still not quite done, but almost there) and a football game (did you see our team is now ranked #5!!?? Beat that all you SEC, Pac 10, Big 12, etc fans... LOL You would never have guessed a little podunk team from Boise could actually be decent, huh?)
Sunday was grocery shopping, more house stuff, homework (for Batman), and nursery work.

Not really all that exciting, but definitely eventful.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

37 wks and a big baby

I had my appt this morning... business is closed for another week. It was pretty quick, like usual. Got a flu shot, had a BP check (120/76), got the results of the Strep B test (negative), got the internal check (again- closed- firmly closed), measured Olive, yada, yada, yada...

I guess I'll be hanging out for at least another week, which really doesn't bother me at all since we still have TONS to do (at least it feels that way), and plenty of things to buy. I'm of a mind to keep her baking for AT LEAST another 2 weeks or longer.

Only downside? He's estimating her at 7 lbs already... EEK! I have a feeling she is going to bigger than I originally thought...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank goodness...

HE'S HOME!! Hallelujah!!

Batman got home last night and had some really great stories to tell (aka- bridezilla from HELL- I have never even met her and I've decided I don't think I care much for her).

It's too bad he had class last night and I had cheer. It made for a long evening...

We certainly made up for it when we got home though ;-)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


As you know, Batman has been gone all weekend. He's in a wedding in So CA for a good friend from college.

I'm getting pretty lonely up here. Kino is good company but it's just not the same.

Boy, do I miss that man...

Thank goodness he gets home tomorrow night! This mama needs some love!

Friday, September 18, 2009

We were on TV!

LOL When I took Batman to the airport (if you can really call our podunk terminal an airport) yesterday, we noticed one of the local news channels filming for a story. Little did we know we would actually be ON TV! ;-)

Here is the link to the story. Kind of sad that things like this actually make news here, but then again so does a small house fire... go figure.

Did you see the white Honda pulling out in front of the cop? Yep, that was me driving away. And for the record I didn't cut him off. He waved me to go in front of him. And then later in the broadcast there is a couple getting out of said white honda- man in blue shirt and khaki shorts and blonde woman in blue shirt and black pants? Yep, that's us again.

Remind me... the camera adds, what? Like 30 lbs, right? RIGHT?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally... belly pics

Okay I finally found the camera (in the place where it was supposed to be- weird!) and got my belly pics loaded

Here is from 34 wks

And here is from this week at 36 wks

I think she's dropped a bit, don't you?

PS Morgan- Batman's real name is not Batman and I don't call him that at home. Usually it's babe, baby, honey, sugar lips, etc ;-)
Ella- the nursery is coming along nicely and is *almost* finished! I'll be posting some pics of it soon!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

36 wks and all is well

I had my 36 wk appt today- going once a week from here on out. Everything looks good with Olive and she is measuring just perfect (as usual).
I had the Strep B swab and will get those results at next week's appt. Since my doc was "down under" he decided to do a cervix check and it looks like Olive will be baking for at least another week! (I'm not surprised in the least bit) Everything is closed for business and we'll see if there is any progress next week.

Batman is going out of town tomorrow through Monday. He's in a wedding and was a little worried about leaving me alone for 5 days. For some reason he got it in his head that this little girl might want to make an early debut. Well, while it's certainly *possible* it's pretty improbable! ;-)

She's still head down (and will hopefully stay that way)- per the u/s I had in my office this afternoon- and completely SMOOSHED! We weren't able to get any good pics, but it was nice to see her moving (as much as she is able to).

Pics to come from 34 AND 36 wks! I promise... I just have to find my camera ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye is a tool

Why exactly does he feel the need to ALWAYS be the center of attention at EVERY awards show he's at? Wasn't it last year or the year before at the Grammy's when he threw a HUGE fit because he didn't win anything? Talk about throwing a tantrum and acting like a freaking 5 year old! And now this? What an idiot! I will admit that I do like *some* of his music, but I think he's such a tool! Get a life dude!

PS- thanks for all the concern over the swine flu. I never had any intention of going to the try out once I found out it was all over campus. I trust the advisor's judgment (for the most part) and I knew there would be other judges there as well. There were enough sickies though, that we ended up postponing them for a week or so and will revisit the swine flu issue again if needed ;-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad. news.

Okay it's not actually that bad...

As I told you in the last (update) post, I've been busy with cheer tryouts this week. Well, yesterday anyway. Turns out, though that one of my cheerleaders now has a confirmed case of swine flu and about 100 students are quarantined on campus because they also have confirmed cases.


I called my doc and they advised me to stay away from campus for a week and let it run its course, then go from there. I'll of course be following this advice (making Batman extremely happy that he was right for once), but it kind of throws a wrench in things, seeing as how... I'm the COACH and all.

Would it be bad to move the actual try out date to next weekend? Or should I just trust the advisor's judgment and let it go? I think I might be trying to micro-manage a little too much here ;-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long. Overdue. Update.

Sorry it's taken me SO long to update from our trip to Sea-town. I'm a terrible, no good, very bad blogger these days ;-)
Actually we've just been super busy!
Here's the basic run down of what's been happening:

8/27-Thursday left around 1ish, uneventful drive, got into town around 7:30 and went to dinner (Old Spaghetti Factory YUM! one of my FAVORITES!), stayed up way too late talking with my siblings.
8/28-Friday was our "down day" (as much of a down day as you can have with my family LOL) Batman stayed at my parents house most of the day and got homework done... had I mentioned Batman was going back to school for he MoE? Well he is and the first week he already had 2 papers to write. I ran errands with my dad- costco, lunch, shopping, etc, then spent the evening with my mom, sis and the japanese exchange student... ate at applebees. For some reason while we are in town they hardly ever eat at home... weird! Stayed up way too late again and got almost no sleep (Batman and I were sharing my little bro's twin bed... kind of a tight fit these days) ;-)
8/29-Saturday my SHOWER!! It was SO awesome!! My mom's friend put it on at her house and they did a full brunch (Same lady that threw my bridal shower 5ish years ago). I think we had about 15 people show and they were all people that I love most in the world ;-) Mainly women my mom's age, but I grew up with as role models and such. It was a "princess" theme so Olive got a ton of pink, princessy things... including a Sleeping Beauty costume for her to wear when she is like 4!

LOL I LOVE IT!! (and of course my favorite part was my mom's german potato salad.. SO YUMMY I wish I could eat it every day!) Here are a bunch of pics:

After the shower we met up with Batman and my bros and dad and headed off to my cousin's wedding. So beautiful (aka very expensive lol) and she looked gorgeous! It was funny how many people came up to me and said how much she and I look alike... well DUH! We are cousins, and our mom's look alike, so why wouldn't we too? Crazy! We didn't stay too long at the reception, just through the cake cutting and then the sibs and Batman and I went and saw District 9... pretty good! :)
8/30- Sunday we skipped church (I know... the horror LOL) and went to a late breakfast (IHOP) and then headed downtown for the Mariner's game. They lost but it was SUPER fun!! It was kind of a bummer that Ichiro and Griffey didn't play too. Oh well though! I hope that we will get to take Olive there sometime when she is older! We LOVE baseball in our (meaning my parent's) house and I loved going to games when I was growing up. After the game we did some shopping for my little bro- he started his senior year last Monday, but they hadn't gone school clothes shopping for him yet! And wonder of wonders my parents bought me a new purse for my bday!!! YES!! I was hoping they would (that has been their go to gift for the last few years)
It's not a Coach (which is the usual), but I LOVE it!!! We found it at Nordstrom and it is definitely big enough to double as a diaper bag LOL It's basically like this one: only more patent leather-y black and silver hardware instead of bronzey. I already started using it and I will admit it IS a little big... but it fits SO much stuff, I know it will be great for all sorts of baby stuff ;-)
8/31-Monday we got up early and headed home so Batman could make his class. Another uneventful drive. We got home unloaded everything, cleaned all the dog hair out of the car and then loaded back up to go to class and a cheer meeting. Whew!! Busy!
Then all last week things were super hectic! I was trying to catch up on stuff with work... still trying to ;-) and the evenings were spent working on all sorts of projects along with softball (Batman, not me) We ended up getting a closet organizer unit thing for the nursery and got that put in over this last weekend (IL helped).
Then my bday was Friday (9/4) so we did dinner with gma and IL. Batman and his mom and dad got me a camcorder :) It's really nice (even though I told Batman NOT to spend much if anything on me this year) and will be great once Olive is here. I did tell him though he will need to leave it at HOME on D day... no WAY is he taping her "coming into the world" LOL (and no still pictures either... I don't need a recap of THAT in pics)
All weekend we spent working on the nursery and sorting through baby stuff. It looks like we won't have to purcahse too much and thankfully we got a few gift cards so it will help with how much we'll have to spend out of our own pocket.
I don't have my 34 wk belly pics yet... well at least it's on my camera, just not uploaded ;-)

This week has been just as hectic: Softball, sewing, BF class tonight, cheer tryouts Thursday, Friday and Saturday, drill weekend... GAH!! When will it ever end?

Thanks for hanging in there if you got through all this. Hopefully, I can get some pics uploaded of the nursery and bedding soon! It's turning out SUPER cute! ;-)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Did you see...

This? Because it was pretty freaking fantastic! I'm not gonna lie though. I was a little worried going into the game with all the hype.

We are HUGE Bronco fans in our house and the season has officially BEGUN!! YAY!! Go BSU!

The only downside was the punch Blount threw after the game. What a way to be remembered huh? Too bad for him, since it means a game suspension.

I do promise to actually post an update this weekend too. Lots to tell about our trip to Sea- town and pics from the shower. Plus the 34 wk belly ;-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update coming soon...

We did make it back home in one piece after a glorious long weekend in Seattle. We've been SUPER busy since though... so update and recap coming! ;-)