Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cloth Diapers?

Anyone out there a cloth mamma?

Batman and I are looking into it to try and save some money. His biggest hesitation is the laundry side of it (which is kind of funny seeing as he doesn't actually DO laundry). We found a compromise with a diaper service in our area.

They charge $17.25/ week and supply all your diapers, the hamper and scent discs. It sounds like a good deal (I think it's a mom-and-pop shop with little overhead) and I talked it over with my mom (who is the only person I know that has ever used a diaper service) and she really thinks it's the way to go. Especially with how expensive disposables can be.

Any advice? Concerns? And BTDT? I'm kind of out of my element here!

Monday, July 27, 2009

3T pain in my... legs

Why is it that I turned 28wks last Tuesday and it was a like a switch turned on for the 3T woes?
4 nights I have been woken up with excrutiating leg cramps and toe cramps! Heart burn has turned up a notch. My back is worse than ever, even when I do my exercises. I can't sleep.
Ugh!! If this is how the next 11 wks are going to go, count me OUT!! I know Olive needs more time to bake, but this is a little ridiculous!

Sorry to complain... just need some self pity time.

In other news, the nursery is FINALLY ready to be painted and worked on ;-) We did lots of good house and yard work this weekend and I feel really good about where we are with things (even if I haven't started on the bedding yet). ;-)

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oral for Olive?

Batman had me read this article this morning. I'm not sure whether I should just laugh it off or actually give it some merit...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

glucose shmucose

Crossposted from the boards ;-)

I had my 28 wk appt yesterday. I can't believe how fast time is starting to fly by! EEK! I guess we had better get that nursery started on SOON!

Everything looked and sounded good. I measured right on and while I refused to look at the scale when I was weighed, both the nurse and my doc said weight gain was well within the normal range and are not worried about anything ;-) Thank goodness (for me that's always the hardest part of the appt- how sad is that?)

I did the glucose test in the am and it wasn't too bad at all. I was dreading the orangey drink because I HATE orange flavored anything (except oranges) and lo and behold the tech said "would you like orange, lemon lime, fruit punch or cola flavored" LOL Lemon Lime for me!! Woot! It was like drinking flat Sprite! :) They should have the results by tomorrow afternoon, but my doc's office is a "no news is good news" office and won't call if I fall within the normal levels. cross your fingers I don't get a call tomorrow ;-)

Olive is moving all over these days and I was instructed to start kick counts every morning (he wants 4 movements in an hour) which should be no problem since she is most active in the am :)

It's still been so surreal at times. I never really thought I would make it this far, let alone be looking at the ACTUAL possibility of a real live baby at the end!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pics from the weekend

Here are a couple pics my mom sent me from the weekend... the only pics that actually gotten taken throughout all the festivities. And they were all from church Sunday morning before the service started.

First is me and grandma

Then my mom and dad

And lastly my big brother J

If any of you know of any cute, single girls in the Seattle area that are looking for a really, REALLY nice guy... he could really a use a date ;-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

28 wks

Here's this week's pic. Not much else to say other than I'M IN THE 3T!!! Woo hoo!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Home, safe and sound

Did we really have any doubts? I didn't think so...

The interesting thing about all this is, my IL were more concerned over my "disability" than my OWN PARENTS WERE. Don't you think that's a little backwards? I mean, if anyone really has a "right" to be THAT concerned, it would be my own parents. Wouldn't it?

Anyway, I had a really wonderful weekend. Friday I got up at 4am, was out the door by 5am and was in Seattle (area) by noon. I ended up eating the BEST fried chicken of MY LIFE (BTW- weekend trips to Seattle are as far away from our vegan diet as you can get. It's carnivore time when we/ I go up there LOL) with my older brother, J. We ran some errands together and then I rushed to my parents house to unload the car, drip off Kino and get whisked away to HP (it was pretty fantastic BTW). We (meaning my older bro, my parents and I) had dinner pre-movie at Shake N Go (not that exact location, but same chain) where I downed a huge cheeseburger and fries AND root beer (see what I mean? Carnivorous). The 'rents went to see Public Enemy since they are very anti-HP (the whole witchcraft thing and all).

Saturday I was rudely awakened (okay also most of Friday night as well) by Kino needing to pee at 5am (no rest for the weary) and since I was up, I just got up for the day. My little bro, Z and I walked to Bucks (about a mile or two down the road) and had a good catchup chat over coffee and pastries. I can't believe the kid is 17 already. And a senior in HS. EEK!! I'm getting old ;-) It was good to talk with him and I miss those times :(
My mom had scheduled a pedi for me and my sister, A so we went did that around 11. In between the coffee and the pedi I had the most wonderful encounter with an older gentleman at Lowe's too. J had decided to participate not only in the chili portion of the cook off my parents host every year, but the rib portion as well. We ventured to Lowe's to pick him up a Weber grill and use my military discount (comes in handy so many times!). J was checking out while I pulled the truck around so he could load it. If you can picture this I pulled up along the "curb" (there was no actual curb- just went straight from parking lot to sidewalk- no change in elevation) and had parked the half on the sidewalk and half in the drive through area. J comes running, stating the cashier just needs to see my ID. So I jump out of the car and run to show him. I was not blocking traffic, there was PLENTY of room to maneuver around my car and I AM VERY OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT! I come back around the car and lovely older gentleman had WAITED for my to come back (all 30 seconds it took to show the cashier my ID), rolls down his window and yells out "do you need a license to be so stupid and inconsiderate?" then revs his engine and drives away.
I really had no words, so all I did was smile and wave. What else can you do in that situation? Obviously he was having a rough morning. Apparently my truck, parked just slightly in his way, was enough to set him off.
Whew! Thankfully that was the only incident of note the whole weekend.
Saturday afternoon A and my dad and I went looking at fabric for Olive's bedding and I found a couple of great things at Hancock and purchased them. The lady at the store convinced me that I can also dye some fabric to get the exact color I am looking for- pray for me- wish me luck- say some chants... we'll see how it turns out ;-) (my dad went instead of my mom because she came down with a migraine right as we were getting ready to go, poor thing)
We had the cook off that night and let me tell you, the food was DELISH!! I should make it an annual event to plan being there for! Oh my! Sadly, J did not win for either the ribs or the chili, but both his entrances were very tasty!
We played lots of games (apples to apples and catch phrase) and had a really good time with lots of family friends!
Sunday Kino did the same thing and woke my up super early (5 again) and then we went to church (a couple pics to come later). After church was lunch at App.lebees and then I headed home.
Batman was the best hubby ALIVE too ;-) He was so sweet and got me a dozen roses and a sweet card that just said he missed me all weekend :) I got all teary and emotional and then got some fantastic se.... nevermind.

Overall I had a FANTASTIC time and wish I hadn't have to come home yet! (although I did miss Batman too)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some clarification

Some things to keep in mind about me going on this trip:

While it is a 7 hour drive, I have driven it COUNTLESS times and could probably even do it blindfolded (although other drivers may not appreciate that much) ;-)

My doctor has okay'd me to go- medically speaking there is nothing wrong with me and there is no reason I CAN'T go

I haven't seen my family in MONTHS. Which, for me, is really hard. I have a very close relationship with my mom, dad and each of siblings and I HATE living so far away from all of them.

Batman, while not thrilled I'll be driving so far alone, has okay'd this one last trip by myself. We discussed his fears regarding my safety and have come to a mutual agreement on my travel plans.

Kino will be in the back seat keeping me company.

There is only one stretch with sketchy cell service and it's only about 30 miles.

I have more than a couple friends that live along the route I am taking that I could call if there is any issues.

Driving, for me, is extrememly theraputic. Always has been. Even when I was in high school, if things were bothering me or I just needed to wind down a bit, I would go for long drives.

Now all that said- according to certain people in my life, I am being completely irresponsible and stupid by going. Now that I am pregnant. Because pregnancy apparently = disabled and unsafe.

If I remember correctly, and I assure you I DO, a certain person's exact word to me "dumbshit." All over a lovely dinner. At IHOP.

If you hadn't guessed yet, these "certain people" were my IL. Isn't that just lovely?

Oh and did I tell you Batman and his dad are going rafting this weekend? Because I assure you, THAT'S that safest recreation HE could be doing.

All that said- Batman did talk to both his mom and dad. And both of them, while still unhappy that I'm going (MIL always is regardless of if I'm preggo or not- but that's a story for another day), I believe they realize that their comments were rude, uncalled for and out of line. Oh and that non of this was their business to begin with.

Supposedly said FIL will be calling me later today to apologize.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Poll

Okay, I need some opinions before I go off on my crazy rant later today...

Do any of YOU thinks it's crazy for me to drive to Seattle this weekend without Batman (Kino's coming)? Does being 27 weeks pregnant all of the sudden make me completely incompetent and unsafe on the road? Is it inevitable that Murphy will strike and I will be stranded, alone, in the small, 30 mile, lone stretch of no cell phone service?

Please tell me... Am I a dipsh*t for doing this?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

26 er... 27 weeks

Since my slacker- ness has gone to a whole new level (Okay we really HAVE been busy bees around here, plus I couldn't find where Batman had put the camera) I decided to post belly pics from 26 AND 27 weeks... just for a comparison.

So here's last week: (as blurry as ever... I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my camera. Oh that's right!! It's old!)

And here is this morning:

Is there much of a difference?

The last two (three) weeks have been a little crazy around here getting stuff done around the house. Sadly, we still haven't really started on the nursery other than cleaning out all my craft stuff and moving it into our study.
My back is still killing me, but PT starts up again today.

Oh and the mole situation is under control. I ended up with a full body scan last week and everything looks fine. I go back for follow up in two months.

Other than that it's been pretty uneventful. That's good... right?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Complete slacker

I know this is supposed to be a belly pic week, but Batman and I have been so busy, I haven't even been able to TAKE the pic, let alone post it and blog about it LOL.

Here's what we have been up to:

Monday- date night- movie (redbox $1 rental- Valkyrie) and dinner (mac-n-cheese- dinner of champions! Yes, I know it's not vegan, but we need a little treat now and then)

Tuesday- yard work

Wednesday- dinner with the IL, picked up our glider (YAY!), SYTYCD

Mornings have been hectic since we have both been sleeping in as late as possible, still trying to get over this nasty sinus stuff that has kicked our asses. Ugh!

So there you have all my excuses. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning I can get a pic up ;-) Wish me luck though!

PS- thanks for all your comments re: last post. All this worry isn't doing me any good, but it's hard not too. It's nice to know I'm normal and not alone ;-) You all are the best

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Uncharted territory

I've never been this pregnant before and it kind of scares me. to death.

We lost our son at 24 wks. We lost another baby before 6 wks.

Most days I am really okay. No panic attacks, just peace that Olive is doing well, healthy, perfect. But then there are those times when I go in to terrified mode and nothing reassures me. It's sad really because all I really want is to go back to the ignorant pgy bliss I had with the first one.

Too bad that will never happen. I'll always have worries; always have moments of terror; always have panic.

One of the few things that helps during those times is knowing that if she were born in the next couple weeks, her chances of survival are considerably higher than, say, a month ago. It's the small things, I guess.

I know I can't be alone on this. I can't be the only mom-to-be with overwhelming fears. Can I?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

It's Independence Day and definitely a day to celebrate all of our freedoms!

We aren't doing too much, just trying to get over being sick... again! This time Batman has it too- stuffy nose, sinus headaches, neon green snot, couch, sore throat, etc. It's been a rough couple of days.

If we are feeling up to it we may hit the city fireworks display this evening...

On an updated note:

We did finally get registered at BRU yesterday :) Somehow I was able to coerce Batman into going and he seemed to have a good enough time with the gun. It helped that we went and got a Booster Juice before going in. I think it helped, too, that we were able to skip quite a few sections since we already have, or are getting, bigger items from family (my older bro just ordered us this stroller- I can't WAIT to get it! and my IL ordered us this glider and ottoman {only in black and fawn beige} that should be here in about a week or so! Woot! We are still looking for a crib- who knew that finding a black crib that I actually like, that's also a reasonable price, would be so hard to find? Any and all suggestions would be great! My parents are taking care of that purchase for us)

I hope you all have a very happy 4th of July!!