Thursday, July 23, 2009

glucose shmucose

Crossposted from the boards ;-)

I had my 28 wk appt yesterday. I can't believe how fast time is starting to fly by! EEK! I guess we had better get that nursery started on SOON!

Everything looked and sounded good. I measured right on and while I refused to look at the scale when I was weighed, both the nurse and my doc said weight gain was well within the normal range and are not worried about anything ;-) Thank goodness (for me that's always the hardest part of the appt- how sad is that?)

I did the glucose test in the am and it wasn't too bad at all. I was dreading the orangey drink because I HATE orange flavored anything (except oranges) and lo and behold the tech said "would you like orange, lemon lime, fruit punch or cola flavored" LOL Lemon Lime for me!! Woot! It was like drinking flat Sprite! :) They should have the results by tomorrow afternoon, but my doc's office is a "no news is good news" office and won't call if I fall within the normal levels. cross your fingers I don't get a call tomorrow ;-)

Olive is moving all over these days and I was instructed to start kick counts every morning (he wants 4 movements in an hour) which should be no problem since she is most active in the am :)

It's still been so surreal at times. I never really thought I would make it this far, let alone be looking at the ACTUAL possibility of a real live baby at the end!!


Melissa said...

Congrats on the fabulous appointment! I always hated the weigh-ins as well; I stressed about it each time. Even though you're supposed to gain weight in pregnancy, I was always unsettled over the numbers creeping up on the scale. Haha!

I didn't think the glucose test was that bad either. It's weird because I actually liked the orange goop. :)

And yay for the active baby! Those kicks and bulges will get so much stronger throughout the coming months - it's by far the BEST part of pregnancy. Enjoy!

Kickin' Kari said...

Yay for a good appointment!

Ella said...

Hooray for a great appointment! I do the glucose test at my next appointment... hoping I get to choose a flavor, that would be nice. I hate fake orange flavored things as well.

I'm so happy for you. And YES you're going to have a real live baby at the end of this! I totally KWYM though, I feel the same way sometimes.

Amy said...

Sounds like everything is moving along smoothly. Congrats!

Carbon said...

I'm glad the glucose test went better than expected. They didn't give me a choice of flavors, but it wasn't actually too bad anyway.

I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors. My diet was pretty crappy the couple of weeks before my test, and they had no concerns!

Christina said...

Yay for a good appointment! I'm going to stop looking at my weight when I go next week. Lucky me has my glucose testing next week since I'm high risk for diabetes because of family history. Hope you pass!

Chelle said...

Look at you go!! My glucose test is coming up, I hope they have good flavors for me!

Chelle said...

Look at you go!! My glucose test is coming up, I hope they have good flavors for me!