Thursday, July 9, 2009

Complete slacker

I know this is supposed to be a belly pic week, but Batman and I have been so busy, I haven't even been able to TAKE the pic, let alone post it and blog about it LOL.

Here's what we have been up to:

Monday- date night- movie (redbox $1 rental- Valkyrie) and dinner (mac-n-cheese- dinner of champions! Yes, I know it's not vegan, but we need a little treat now and then)

Tuesday- yard work

Wednesday- dinner with the IL, picked up our glider (YAY!), SYTYCD

Mornings have been hectic since we have both been sleeping in as late as possible, still trying to get over this nasty sinus stuff that has kicked our asses. Ugh!

So there you have all my excuses. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning I can get a pic up ;-) Wish me luck though!

PS- thanks for all your comments re: last post. All this worry isn't doing me any good, but it's hard not too. It's nice to know I'm normal and not alone ;-) You all are the best


Ella said...

You're not a complete slacker, you're a busy pg woman! :) Can't wait to see the recent belly pic, though - I'm sure you have only gotten cuter!!

Amy said...

If your a slacker then what does the make me? I can hardly make time in the day to pee the 20 times I have to go never the less find time to blog. Take a picture when you can don't stress it. =)

Melissa said...

Oh man, no belly pic? I'm disappointed. :(

You're definitely not a slacker, just a busy woman. It's a lot of work growing a human being!

Take care of yourself & I can't wait to see pics when you get the chance.

Carbon said...

I'm looking forward to a new belly pic! I know just how it feels to be "busy" though, even if its just busy spending quality time with DH. Enjoy your quiet household while you can!

You asked me about The China Study, I'm glad I'm reading it. I have suspected that animal protein is over-emphasized in the American diet to an extreme that is damaging our health. But, it was really eye-opening to see it spelled out in black and white. It does make me want to redouble my efforts to center my diet around plants, even if we'll always be an omnivorous household. My breakfast and lunch are always solo, and thus could be vegan, saving my small serving of animal protein for dinner. DH is a convicted carnivore, and isn't health-conscious. If he isn't overweight he doesn't care.

Maybe I'll continue to work on it over time. If I could find some vegan recipes he enjoyed (after first somehow tricking him into trying a taste) that might help.

Kriss said...

Kudos for eating vegan. I tried and I just couldn't do it. I love meat too much!

Mic said...

I'll totally be looking for a belly pic when you get a minute to spare! I'm glad to hear the summer is going so swimmingly for you and Batman :)