Monday, July 20, 2009

Home, safe and sound

Did we really have any doubts? I didn't think so...

The interesting thing about all this is, my IL were more concerned over my "disability" than my OWN PARENTS WERE. Don't you think that's a little backwards? I mean, if anyone really has a "right" to be THAT concerned, it would be my own parents. Wouldn't it?

Anyway, I had a really wonderful weekend. Friday I got up at 4am, was out the door by 5am and was in Seattle (area) by noon. I ended up eating the BEST fried chicken of MY LIFE (BTW- weekend trips to Seattle are as far away from our vegan diet as you can get. It's carnivore time when we/ I go up there LOL) with my older brother, J. We ran some errands together and then I rushed to my parents house to unload the car, drip off Kino and get whisked away to HP (it was pretty fantastic BTW). We (meaning my older bro, my parents and I) had dinner pre-movie at Shake N Go (not that exact location, but same chain) where I downed a huge cheeseburger and fries AND root beer (see what I mean? Carnivorous). The 'rents went to see Public Enemy since they are very anti-HP (the whole witchcraft thing and all).

Saturday I was rudely awakened (okay also most of Friday night as well) by Kino needing to pee at 5am (no rest for the weary) and since I was up, I just got up for the day. My little bro, Z and I walked to Bucks (about a mile or two down the road) and had a good catchup chat over coffee and pastries. I can't believe the kid is 17 already. And a senior in HS. EEK!! I'm getting old ;-) It was good to talk with him and I miss those times :(
My mom had scheduled a pedi for me and my sister, A so we went did that around 11. In between the coffee and the pedi I had the most wonderful encounter with an older gentleman at Lowe's too. J had decided to participate not only in the chili portion of the cook off my parents host every year, but the rib portion as well. We ventured to Lowe's to pick him up a Weber grill and use my military discount (comes in handy so many times!). J was checking out while I pulled the truck around so he could load it. If you can picture this I pulled up along the "curb" (there was no actual curb- just went straight from parking lot to sidewalk- no change in elevation) and had parked the half on the sidewalk and half in the drive through area. J comes running, stating the cashier just needs to see my ID. So I jump out of the car and run to show him. I was not blocking traffic, there was PLENTY of room to maneuver around my car and I AM VERY OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT! I come back around the car and lovely older gentleman had WAITED for my to come back (all 30 seconds it took to show the cashier my ID), rolls down his window and yells out "do you need a license to be so stupid and inconsiderate?" then revs his engine and drives away.
I really had no words, so all I did was smile and wave. What else can you do in that situation? Obviously he was having a rough morning. Apparently my truck, parked just slightly in his way, was enough to set him off.
Whew! Thankfully that was the only incident of note the whole weekend.
Saturday afternoon A and my dad and I went looking at fabric for Olive's bedding and I found a couple of great things at Hancock and purchased them. The lady at the store convinced me that I can also dye some fabric to get the exact color I am looking for- pray for me- wish me luck- say some chants... we'll see how it turns out ;-) (my dad went instead of my mom because she came down with a migraine right as we were getting ready to go, poor thing)
We had the cook off that night and let me tell you, the food was DELISH!! I should make it an annual event to plan being there for! Oh my! Sadly, J did not win for either the ribs or the chili, but both his entrances were very tasty!
We played lots of games (apples to apples and catch phrase) and had a really good time with lots of family friends!
Sunday Kino did the same thing and woke my up super early (5 again) and then we went to church (a couple pics to come later). After church was lunch at App.lebees and then I headed home.
Batman was the best hubby ALIVE too ;-) He was so sweet and got me a dozen roses and a sweet card that just said he missed me all weekend :) I got all teary and emotional and then got some fantastic se.... nevermind.

Overall I had a FANTASTIC time and wish I hadn't have to come home yet! (although I did miss Batman too)


Melissa said...

Glad you had a fabulous time and a safe trip! Welcome back! :)

Carbon said...

Its wonderful that you had such a great trip. Just think of the carnivore tryst as your periodic replenishment of vitamin B12. :)

Chelle said...

Sounds like a jam packed weekend! I got tired just reading it! :)

Glad you went.

Happily Married said...

What a great trip!!! I'm SO glad you had such an awesome time!

Shannon said...

I am glad that you had a great trip. It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Rikki said...

I'm glad you had such a great trip and that your "disablity" didn't get in the way, lol.

Amy said...

It sounds like you had a great time. Glad everything went well.