Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cloth Diapers?

Anyone out there a cloth mamma?

Batman and I are looking into it to try and save some money. His biggest hesitation is the laundry side of it (which is kind of funny seeing as he doesn't actually DO laundry). We found a compromise with a diaper service in our area.

They charge $17.25/ week and supply all your diapers, the hamper and scent discs. It sounds like a good deal (I think it's a mom-and-pop shop with little overhead) and I talked it over with my mom (who is the only person I know that has ever used a diaper service) and she really thinks it's the way to go. Especially with how expensive disposables can be.

Any advice? Concerns? And BTDT? I'm kind of out of my element here!


Swanson Family said...

We use the Bum Genius cloth diapers and love them. The extra laundry doesn't faze me with two kids.

I chose the Bum Genius brand based on reviews and other mothers' suggestions and couldn't be happier. Good luck!


Christina said...

I'm interested in the Bum Genius too but Josh, who also doesn't do laundry, has already said no. :-(

According to my best friend's mother a diaper service is WONDERFUL! She used one for all 4 of her kids and said it was great since they supply the diapers and they clean them for you. I'd give it a try at least. We don't have any diaper services around here at all.

Kickin' Kari said...

I might be missing something here but I don't really see it saving you very much money unless you did everything yourself. We would buy huggies from costco for like $34 and it would last 3 1/2 weeks. Which is nearly 10 bucks a week. And even now we spend $18.99 every 2 weeks for a big box of huggies from walmart. And even less then that if we buy LUVS (which I really like but no one else seems to). I do think cloth diapering is an excellent way to go but maybe not as convenient as disposable. I wanted to atleast try cloth diapering (not using a service) with my Noah but Hubbs said no way. Apparently his Mom tried with his younger brother (ry was 10 when he was born) and remembered her giving up after a few weeks because she was sick of washing poop out all the time. :/ He also said he wouldn't help change diapers if that was the way we were going. Boo.
Anyway, do whatever works best for you and Olive. Never hurts to try. :)

Melissa said...

I have no experience with cloth diapers, but I can tell you that disposables cost a fortune. A box of Pampers is $42 and when Adrienne was younger (pooping a thousand times per day) I'd go through a box per week! Now it's more like a box every other week, but it's still pricey.

If cloth will save you money and if the diapering service is reasonable, go for it.

Carbon said...

My DH does laundry and he said no way. :(

Still, I might try to sneak in some cloth before I'm through with maternity leave. Maybe he will decide it isn't such a pain after all? I did find a great site that reviews types of diapers if you decide to go it alone:


Also, I may put disposable/flushable liners in the cloth diapers so washing them isn't as icky.

Leatrice said...

I have to agree with Kari on this one. I think if it's for saving money then it would probably save you money in the beginning (when they poop a ton) but after the first few months you use about a box a month of disposables which is about $10/week.

Morgan said...

I'm very sorry I haven't commented lately, I've had alot of personal things going on!

I personally like disposables, but you are right- they are expensive! I spend over $75 a month on diapers! I would say go for it girl...but I would invest in the diaper service! :)

Rikki said...

We used g diapers when Brinley was a newborn and LOVED them. http://www.gdiapers.com/

Honestly I think that is the way to go. If you are paying 17.25 a week thats almost exactly what you'd pay for a big pack of Huggies. We buy a jumbo pack(112 diapers) for 18.00 and they last 2 weeks so in the end you'd be spending just the same amount.

Emmy said...

I, obviously, am not a BTDT, but I have heard so many wonderful things about cloth-- less blow outs, less diaper rash, better for the environment, etc.

I intend to go for cloth if I ever get pg!

Ash said...

We are going to use cloth diapers and since I will be a SAHM, I will be doing the wash myself although I am hoping to get a new washer that has a special cloth diaper setting:)

Cloth is SO amazing now. People who used it 10-30 years ago were using a completely different product. You can get AIO's which are as easy as a normal diaper- and much cuter in my opinion:) I would suggest checking out this site,

They have tons of info, and I can't wait to start amassing my stash once the second trimester starts:)

I think it is great that you found something that you think will work well for you and your family. Cloth is definitely the way to go IMO:)

Katie said...

Tiff, I'm SO glad you posted this....b/c I would NEVER get this many responses on my blog! :-)

I've thought a little about this, but hadn't really started researching yet....nor have I mentioned to anyone that I'm even thinking about it....don't even want to have to defend my "crazy, new age" thoughts, you know?!

Anyway...this info has helped me, too, since I've now been looking into them for the last hour or so!
Good luck with your decision!!

Kriss said...

I cloth diaper too!!! I LOVE Bum Genious and I use the disposible liners on the inside!!! Love them! If you have any questions feel free to email me.. krissriley@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

I found cheap pocket CD's on ebay, we started using them today, I didn't want to deal with laundry for the first week after Daphne was born. I think they are a good investment, depending on how many you buy they can last through more than one child.

Anonymous said...

We do the Gpants and liners with prefolds and they work great for us! We have 4 pants, 8 liners and lots of prefolds (too many actually!). You just fold the prefold in third and stick it in. Ending today (I know - short notice) you can get a great deal on the everyday packs (6-pack of gpants for $40!!!) with this coupon code on gdiaper.com. g1337Clotfelter The laundry honestly to me isn't that bad; every other day. We are EBF and W is just 3 months old so the poop hasn't gotten too icky yet. And the gpants are just too dern cute!

Alby said...

Hey Tiff! Of course, I am not BTDT, but my SIL used cloth for the first year or so. Didn't have a problem at all, and the outgrown (clean) diapers came in handy all the time. That said, when her LO had to go to part-time day care, they won't do cloth, so it's something to consider.