Tuesday, July 14, 2009

26 er... 27 weeks

Since my slacker- ness has gone to a whole new level (Okay we really HAVE been busy bees around here, plus I couldn't find where Batman had put the camera) I decided to post belly pics from 26 AND 27 weeks... just for a comparison.

So here's last week: (as blurry as ever... I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my camera. Oh that's right!! It's old!)

And here is this morning:

Is there much of a difference?

The last two (three) weeks have been a little crazy around here getting stuff done around the house. Sadly, we still haven't really started on the nursery other than cleaning out all my craft stuff and moving it into our study.
My back is still killing me, but PT starts up again today.

Oh and the mole situation is under control. I ended up with a full body scan last week and everything looks fine. I go back for follow up in two months.

Other than that it's been pretty uneventful. That's good... right?


Fine For Now said...

I think there's a difference! You look so good, hope I look that good at 27 weeks!

Melissa said...

GREAT belly pic! You are so gorgeous! Congratulations on the third trimester. :)

Amy said...

Very cute!

Rikki said...

You look beautiful T! I hope you will post nursery pictures when its all done.

Andrea said...

You are one gorgeous momma!!

(and fyi - my word verification for this comment is UPREGRAN...Do you see what I see?? Should I test?? lol!!)

Katie said...

YES!! I think uneventful is definitely good! I can tell a difference b/t the pics. Yay for the mole situation being OK. Can't wait for nursery pics, too!! :-)

OH, and I second what Fine for Now said...I hope I look that good at 27 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Just wait, in the next few weeks, you will no longer have to ask if there is a difference!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!