Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm not telling

I've decided not to reveal Olive's name on here until she actually arrives. Is that mean of me? I know so many of you are just DYING to know... I think it adds to the suspense ;-) Plus if I did tell you, you could all change your guesses on the bebepool site, and that wouldn't be very fair, now would it?

A small hint though: her middle name will be a family name- how's that for vague?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm not sure how to take this

So today at work one of our nurse/ surgical assists came around the corner and bumped into me. When she took in my belly she got really wide- eyed and said "oh, your belly is really growing there!" To which I casually responded "Yep, it gets bigger every week." I was smiling...
So then she asks "when are you due again?" and as soon as I said "October" the look on her face changed from a grin to a horrified grimace. "Wow, just wow! You still have a long way to go then huh?"

Um... WTF is that supposed to mean? Apparently in her eyes I am already a ginormous whale. I wonder what she is going to say in another month or two when I ACTUALLY start to get big? Too bad I've only gained 7 lbs in the last 20 weeks... I guess that doesn't count for much in my overly large preggo state.

(PS in her defense I usually wear scrubs which hide the belly A LOT. Today I had a conference to attend so I wore "professional" maternity clothes which kind of accentuate the belly... but STILL... why make that kind of comment? It's just plain RUDE!)

Can we say hormones anyone?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

20 wks and an anniversary!

Half way there! I can't believe we've made it this far!
I took a belly pic this morning and I think in the last 2 weeks my belly has EXPLODED ;-) The difference between 18 and 20 week pics is HUGE! (go back and look if you don't believe me:

I'm feeling mostly fantastic these days. After Friday's GREAT appt, it's a like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know there are still things that could be wrong with Olive and I know things could happen between now and October, but for now I know that my little girl is perfect, healthy and safe. And that makes me happy.

We also celebrated our 5th anniversary over the weekend (Saturday) and I have to say I married the most wonderful man on earth. There really wasn't anything all that great about the day, but Batman just makes me happy. I love being married to him. We didn't really do the gift thing this year since we are trying to get out of debt (hopefully before Olive comes along, but if not, soon after), but we've decided over the next few months to save up for a new blender. It's not really romantic, but it's something we have both wanted for a while now and using the beehive blender we have now is just NOT cutting it LOL. Who would have thought that I would be happy not getting diamonds? Certainly NOT me!
Needless to say, it's been a wonderful 5 years. Ya, we've had our ups and downs, but who doesn't? He's the love of my life and I couldn't be happier to be his friend, lover, mother of his child, and wife. I just hope the next 5 years are as happy as the first 5! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Olive is a SHE baby!! We are officially on team PINK! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

All's well that ends well

After having worried and fretted the last few days it looks like it was all for not... as all of you predicted. Olive is doing well, measuring dead on, and a generally all around good looking baby :)
Batman and I couldn't be more elated! It was such a relief when first our nurse (C the GOOD nurse) and then Dr W came in and said Olive was looking good and measuring perfectly. The only issue we had is that Olive is facing out (sorry I can't remember the technical term) with back up against my back. As you can imagine this makes it pretty difficult to get a good look at the spine and the heart. I'm not worried at ALL about this since this is pretty typical for 20 wk u/s. Plus it means I get to see Olive again in 4 wks (or less depending on whether or not I can get another scan at work) ;-)

I've gained 5 lbs since the last appt which puts me at 7 lbs overall. If I keep it at this rate my doc thinks I'll stay under the 30 lb mark (which is good since I was a couple lbs over optimum pre-BFP) Yippee! (Too bad my ass has gotten the full brunt of the weight gain already)

And now for a few pics:
Here is Olive's face... it's kind of creepy, alien looking. But you can sort of make out the eyes and nose.

Here are Olive's feet. Aren't they just precious? And already HUGE!

And here is the profile. Isn't Olive just the cutest little thing ever?

The rest of the day has been filled with calling and texting every family member, friend, co-worker, and acquaintance we know... and some we may not? Everyone is pretty ecstatic and almost as relieved as we are... although they all maintain that they knew Olive was fine all along. ;-)

We went and saw the new Star Trek movie too, sort of in celebration. Anyone seen it yet? Because it. is. AWESOME! I can't wait to see if they make anymore. They have completely changed the story line and I would really like to see where they take it from here!!

I guess that's it...

Oh wait, you mean I didn't tell you what Olive is? (besides a baby I mean) OH! Well I'll just leave you with a last u/s pic and see if you can guess yourself ;-) (I'm just terrible aren't I?)

What do you think?

***NEWS FLASH: Batman is back! He's posting again.***

Today's the day!

Well, it's here. We go in a couple of hours. Any and all prayers or positive thoughts are appreciated (as were all your comments over the last few days! Thank you so much! You all are the best friends a girl could ask for) ;-)

In light of all the excitement that most people around me have- I've set up a baby pool! Of course you will all know the gender by the end of the weekend, but you can take your guesses on pretty much everything else too like ht, wt, time of birth, date of birth, etc :) If you want, fill it out. My PLAN is to send whoever wins, a fun little prize (you know, months from now).

Go here:

Thanks again you all! I;ll update on our big reveal as soon as I can!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Talk me down

Remember how I said last week that the surprise u/s helped calm my nerves down about this upcoming one at the OB? Remember how I said I was kind of getting more excited now?

Okay, now forget I ever said that. I'm seriously a basketcase. All because I am so nervous for our u/s this Friday (4days OY!)
For those of you who don't know, we lost our son 5 years ago at 24 wks due to a chromosomal anomoly (triploidy). Needless to say, our 20wk u/s was less than positive and the experience, I fear, has scarred me for life.
I am to the point now that I am dreading Friday.

How can I get past this? How can I forget the past and realize that THIS baby, THIS time, is completely perfect and we won't have any problems or concerns come Friday? How do I calm my nerves and get more excited than scared? How?

I'm a ball of nerves and I am having a hard time even being happy about what SHOULD be something exciting!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Because boys are easier

This made me laugh: The other night Batman let me know he is really, really hoping Olive is a boy. When I asked him if he would be disappointed if it turns out a girl he said "probably, kind of."
I asked him why he wanted a boy so bad and his response?

Because boys are easier

He also said he knew if we had a girl, she would be too spoiled and he would be wrapped around her finger.

Oh the mind of a man... I will never understand it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

18wks and u/s pics

Here is the 18wk pic we took yesterday. I'm beginning to feel like I look huge. Too bad a lady at my office yesterday asked when I was going to start growing already LOL If she only saw these pics instead of me in my scrubs (that hide A LOT of growth) she might be changing her tune :)


And here are the uber cute pics of olive that we got yesterday :) Batman was pretty excited to see them and was amazed at some of the "detail" we could see!

This first one is the best profile shot we got of olive:

This is a pic with the little hands all balled up in fists and the knees pulled way up:
This one is of olive waving hello!
And this one is of olive's shoulder arm and leg (all scrunched up):

I've been feeling really good the last couple weeks. I haven't had any bouts of m/s which makes me EXTREMELY happy. I'm still having some aversions to smells (this morning taking out the garbage was just too much and the dry heaves started) but other than that I am really doing well. Based on my scale I'm up about 3 lbs from my last appt [overall 4lbs] (but their's usually weighs me a couple lbs heavier) although I feel like it should be more since I eat so damn much LOL We go in on the 22nd for our "big reveal" u/s with my OB. I'm kind of nervous for it since our last 20 wk u/s was so terrible. I guess that's to be expected. Yesterday's u/s really did help a lot with my nerves. It was nice to see Olive in there, moving all over, without having to think about "is something wrong" "is it measuring on time" "is there enough fluid" which are all things I've been thinking over and over for the last 18 wks!

I can't wait for next week!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I should have tapped this resource sooner

I had a quick u/s with the tech at my office (I work for a cardiothoracic/ vascular surgery office so we have an u/s machine and tech always in the office) and got to see little Olive this morning!
Oh my what a sight! S/he was moving all over and we even got a little wave. It was just too darn cute! S/he seems to be measuring right on (although since she- the tech- mainly does diseased arteries she said she couldn't be sure) and saw the little heart beating away (and heard it too).
I'll have to scan them tonight and post them along with my 18wk belly pic :)

I think I am in LOVE!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Whew! I'm glad that's over

We had Batman's birthday "party" this weekend and boy was it CRAZY!

2 of our favorite and very best friends came into town from San Diego, plus a number of friends in the area came and Batman's middle brother and his dad. They all went paintballing on Saturday afternoon, which apparently is a lot of fun? As I sat counting all the bruises on Batman's body I kind of wondered exactly what their definition of "fun" was? Doesn't seem like a good time to me.

Saturday night we spent around the fire pit drinking and eating (only eating for me) and reminiscing. It was really fun (and funny) and I wish the night could have gone on longer (as it was I went to bed around 1- which is pretty late for this preggo and everyone else was in bed by 3). My FIL got silly drunk which is always hilarious (he gets the giggles) and Batman started telling all sorts of embarrassing stories (which is almost ALWAYS the case when he gets in a group and is sloshed).

It was so great to see all those people that know and love Batman :) I just wish a few of them lived closer so we could see them more often! One friend in particular- we'll call him George- has been friends with Batman since college and is probably one of my favorite friends of his. I know he probably won't ever move back here (he is originally from these parts) but it sure would be nice.
Another friend that was there- we'll call him Henry- is getting married this summer :) I'm pretty excited for him, even though I have never met the girl. Batman approves (but George is kind of on the fence- he's not too sure she's good for Henry- but Henry loves her and she loves him so I guess that's what matters) I'm pretty upset that I won't be able to go to the wedding since it's at the end of September (aka- I will be HUGE and past the 36 wk mark so no flying/ traveling). I was really looking forward to it and Batman is the best man... I guess he'll just have to make sure he gets lots of pictures, right?

Mother's Day was uneventful (since, as Batman puts it "You aren't my mother") and we didn't really do anything- just shuttled people back and forth from the airport and cleaned up the disaster we call our house.

Overall, it was a nice weekend, but I kind of wish I had another day off to recover ;-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The day that won't end

Gah! Does anyone else think that this has been the longest day in HISTORY? Good lord, I think I am going insane here at work!

In case anyone was waiting to see what I got Batman for his birthday, it's this:
He's pretty much in love with it... and now wants to upgrade a bunch of other parts of his computer, like the sound card, speakers, etc.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Big 3-0

Happy Birthday Batman!! :)

Yep, today is Batman's 30th birthday. I took him out for breakfast already this morning and he'll get his gift tonight (originally I was going to make him wait for it until our "family celebration" this weekend, but I don't know if he can wait that long). I'll have to let you know what it is later since he reads this blog and is kind of snoopy when it comes to gifts (I have to hide things at my IL to make sure he doesn't find them). I am pretty sure he'll love it though :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

A sad day

I just stepped down as co-cl from TTCYFC on IV.

I'm really kind of sad about it, but I know the girls on there will be MUCH better served by someone who is currently TTC and not a grad.
I put my heart and soul into trying to be the best cl I could. I hope I succeeded even slightly. I'm really going to miss being on there all the time.
I know I can go and check in on everyone from time to time, but it's just not the same... you know?

I know it's the right decision and the right time. Why do I feel so sad about it then?