Friday, May 15, 2009

Because boys are easier

This made me laugh: The other night Batman let me know he is really, really hoping Olive is a boy. When I asked him if he would be disappointed if it turns out a girl he said "probably, kind of."
I asked him why he wanted a boy so bad and his response?

Because boys are easier

He also said he knew if we had a girl, she would be too spoiled and he would be wrapped around her finger.

Oh the mind of a man... I will never understand it!


Jen said...

That is so funny! However, I would agree with Batman. In the hundreds of kids I have worked with I do think boys are somewhat "easier" than girls. However, as you know both are great and have things about then that make us smile.

Oh....I forgot to leave a comment on your last post. Your belly is looking so cute.

Just for the record, I do think you and Batman look like parents of a boy. :)

Melissa said...

LOL at Batman!

If it's any comfort to your husband, I'm totally feeling "boy vibes" from you - and I have been since you announced your pregnancy!

But then again, my insticts were totally wrong with my own baby - so my hunch is pretty worthless! :)

Coco said...

For some reason I too have been thinking of Olive as a boy! Weird! What do you want T?

Rikki said...

LOL. I don't know about the "easier" factor because I only have one but I can tell you two things.

1. Girls are expensive! I thought it was a lie until I had one but its so true.
2. Yes she will have her daddy wrapped around her finger.

For the record I think Olive is a girl. :-)

To A T said...


I honestly don't have a preference either way. I know it's so cliche, but I could care less if Olive is a boy or girl. Just as long as she or he is healthy, I'll be happy.

That said, I've thought all along that Olive is a girl, and so has everyone else in my life including Batman AND random strangers... weird huh? I will laugh if they are all wrong and Olive is a little boy ;-)

Ella said...

Ha, that is so funny! What is it with men and the strange way they think?? I think Olive is a girl, too, btw -- don't know why though!!

Stephanie said...

haha, that's great! Pretty funny. It looks like you are coming along great girlie!!!

p.s. I went private, but don't have your email to invite you so if you're interested, send me your email and I'll add ya!!


Happily Married said...

I had a good laugh when I read Batman's response but I tend to agree with him & am also hoping for a boy. Only a few more days until the big reveal!!! I absolutely can't wait for you guys!

Ash said...

I'm hoping for both eventually so like you I really won't care one way or the other.

However I don't know if boys are always easier- I always tended to agree with harder when their little easier as teens. My husband was definitely a handful and then some as a tot, and a teen thinking about it.... we're doomed LOL.

I think it is a girl:)

Carbon said...

That's funny. DH and I were both hoping for a girl, so we are thrilled!

DH has always enjoyed the company of women more than men. He said he wouldn't know how to relate to a boy. Though I warned him about the dangers of having a house full of estrogen! :D

I hope you find out soon!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband is the same way. He desperately wants a boy. But I have a feeling that if we had a girl, he would be smitten. I bet Batman would be the same way, too.

BTW, I think you are having a girl (now that we are all guessing). :)