Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Headed home

Well, I'm headed home here in a couple of hours. I've had a wonderful weekend with Batman! This trip was definitely worth it and I know Brynna had a great time with cousins and family. I have a feeling she may have a bit of a rough week though from here... she's been seriously spoiled the last 4 days LOL
Here are the few pics I have to post, but we didn't take a lot :( Kept forgetting to have people take our picture. I'm terrible about that.
Anniversary gift (of sorts) to Batman... this took most of our Saturday in OKC so we didn't get much sight seeing in... it was worth it though. We are both happy how it turned out! If you are ever in the OKC area and looking for a tattoo artist- RAWB Carter at Cannibal Graphics is awesome! (he's not listed on their website since he's a newer artist, but he was amazing!)

Headed out for the day on Sunday- went to Denny's (epic fail) and the mall. Pretty exciting huh? ;-)

Hanging out in his apartment (I use that term pretty loosely since it's barely 500 sq ft)

Breakfast Monday at Cracker Barrel
And that's about it...LOL I think Batman may have a picture or 2 more so I will post those when he sends them to me.

We had our "anniversary dinner" at this fantastic restaurant called Cheddars's... SO good and CHEAP ha! I kind of wish they would open one up in Idaho!

Only 4 more weeks until Batman gets to come home! Can't wait!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I made it!

I finally got to OKC this morning at 1am. We had a delay in Denver that lasted 4 hours. 3 hours longer than was supposed to (thanks again Caryn for offering up your home!). But I made the most of it, found the one 'bucks in the airport and waited.
Didn't get to bed until well after 2 ;-)
God, I missed my husband.
I will definitely be making the most of our time together this weekend.
(oh, I went with the first outfit. Thanks again for all your input!)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Today's the day!

I'm so excited I could burst! I guess I've been missing Batman a lot more than I thought ;-)

I did end up finding some similar items yesterday when I went out. Pretty much everywhere was a bust, I didnt end up maing it to Target, but I did go back to old navy after hearing all their clearance was an extra 50% off (call me a frugal shopper). So after scouring the clearance racks I found this, this, and this OR this and this and I would add a little black sweater with it. As you can tell, I'm still a bit undecided on which outfit to go with. My mom and Alicia (soon-to-be SIL) vote for the black ensemble, and my friend and sister vote for the first. No clear winner ;-) If I have a chance to take some pics of what I look like in each, I will... Maybe that would help?


I've gotten a little panicky about leaving Miss B with the IL, but I'm sure she will be fine. They have taken care of her enough that I know I have nothing to worry about. But still... talk me down from the ledge will ya? (I'm tempted {very slightly} to bring her with me... which I know would be a huge mistake).

It's gonna be a crazy day of packing and cleaning. EEEE!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strike out

Thank you for all your opinions! It was very helpful.

Only problem is, Oldnavy didn't have a single item from EITHER outfit. And Maurices only had the top in XS, and never in a million years was that going to happen.

So back to the dawing board. I'm going to check out Kohls, another Maurices and Target today and see if I can find anything.

I think I'm leaning towards an outfit similar to the first one since I'm usually FREEZING on airplanes. Hopefully, I can find something I like that is along the same lines.

If I find something I will post some pics and see what y'all think :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Need some advice ASAP : edited

This has nothing to do with being a mom and everything to do with being a wife ;-)

So, as you know, I'm going to see Batman this weekend. And obviously, I want to look my best. And cute. And a little sexy. Without going overboard and looking like a hooker. So, I'm looking for a cute, sexy, but airplane/travel appropriate ensemble to wear Friday. I've been scouring my usual spots (old.navy/ maur.ices/ ga.p/ etc) in search of the perfect outfit and I've come up empty...

Or maybe I'm just indecisive. Probably.

So here's where y'all come in.

Got any ideas? Something flirty, summery, cute, sexy, but understated. Here are a couple things I was looking at, but I'm not sure they're really what I'm looking for.

Old Navy #1

Old Navy #2 (but with a tank instead of button up shirt underneath)

Maurices this top with a pair of dressy shorts and heels

That's all I can come up with. Any advice?

ETA: To answer a couple questions: the weather is supposed to be upper 80s/ low 90s (OKCity and WF, TX). I like the idea of a sundress, but Batman is not usually a fan of me in dresses... not sure exactly why...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

To me! Today Batman and I celebrate 7 yrs of our marriage.

God has blessed me with an amazing husband and I am thankful for him everyday.

Happy Anniversary Babycakes! I love you!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weight loss check-in

Just because I'm so excited about how my weight loss is going, I thought I'd post about it!

Down another 5-6 pounds since my last post (I think) which means I'm about 10 lbs to my goal weight. Skeeeeeeee!!!

I have a feeling these are going to be the ones that won't budge... or at least 5 of them will be. But I'm going to keep working hard and eating right and I WILL lose it all ;-)

Since I had a bit of a lapse in p90x when I went to Seattle I'm a week behind, which puts me at week 8 starting today. It's amazing how great I feel! To be honest I never thought (even though I knew I would force myself Ha!) I would get this far into the program without keeling over.

So here are the stats:

Weight loss this week: 3.5 lbs
Weight loss in May: 7.5
Weight loss since Batman left: 19.9 lbs!!!!
Initial skinny jeans: fit but I still have a bit of a muffin top and since they are SUPER low rise, I'm not wearing them yet
Ultimate skinny jeans: Um... these are still in storage HA! But since they are a size 4 I know I have a bit of losing to do before I will even get them past my knees ;-)

Since I'm going to see Batman next weekend, I'm hoping to lose a few pounds before I leave on Friday... which means I'm going to double up the workouts and really be good on what I'm eating (aka- no "bad meal of the week" before I see him).
So there you have it. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A review: Jade Thermal Therapy Breast Pack

I was recently asked to review a product by one of the patients in my mom's office- Jade Breast Thermal Therapy. While I'm not a breasfeeding mama at the moment, I hope to someday be again, so I told her I'd try it out and see what I thought.

LOVE! As their website says, "More comfortable than a bag of peas."

The gel packs are fully adjustable allowing them to fit a range of cup sizes (A-C for the small, D and bigger for the large).The fabric is nice and soft and is of good quality. They can be heated or cooled, depending on what you are using them for (and where you are using them, as they can really be used anywhere). You can heat them using the microwave or hot water, and cooled in the fridge, freezer or cold water. They stay pliable regardless of the temperature (unlike a lot of cold packs).
I think for myself I would purcahse the large size since the girls get quite large when I'm nursing (DD+ which for me was just ginormous), but the small worked and would accomodate a generous C easily. And I think the best part about them was that you can use them while you are nursing. Sold! I can't tell you how many times I would have killed to have something like this, especially during those first few months with the crazy engorgement and having mastitis. And they would have been useful when I was weaning B too. There were a few days when I actually did use a bag of peas and it wasn't so cute... or indiscreet. Obviously, I didn't leave the house ;-)

The price isn't too terrible at $20 a piece (or $40 for a pair). If you are interested, you can purchase them through their website here with Pay.pal.

Their website could use a little work, but I know it's a "work in progress." I would have liked to see an instructional video or some kind of marketing video, but it's coming. I'm sure as things get rolling for them, it will be a little easier to navigate and have more content.

So there you have it. My first review in all it's glory ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We interrupt this broadcast...

Sorry to post twice in one day, but I'm too excited to keep it in... (sorry ladies, I'm not preggo)

I get to go see Batman next weekend! He called me up today and said 6 more weeks was too long to wait and that for our anniversary (which is Monday) he wanted me to fly down for the holiday weekend!

So next Friday, I will be leaving B in the capable hands of my IL (and SIL and BIL since they'll be in town with their kids) and heading to OK City. There Batman will pick me up and wisk me away for a fun weekend... at Sheppard AFB. Okay not exactly Paris, but I can't wait to see him! (and yes, Morgan, there will plenty of *ahem* other things going on all weekend too)

Skkeeeee!! I'm too excited right now to think about leaving my girl for more than a night. And going out of state without her.

Ask me again in a couple days... I may be thinking a little more clearly ;-)

A day at the zoo

While I won't pretend that our zoo is even close to glamorous, we did have fun last Thursday and you can't beat only paying $4.25 for a few hours of fun :) Having grown up going to this zoo, it was hard to see a lot of animals just in cages, but it looks like Boise is coming around and starting to make habitats instead of dwellings.
Anyway, here are pics of our adventures. Brynna had a really fun time and was mesmerized by the meerkats and prairie dogs. She even was entertained when a gibbon came and sat right in front of her in his cage and just stared at her.
She really liked this bear- I think it's a sloth bear?
She was SO happy to get out of her stroller! I had to wait until we weren't surrounded by kids- there were like a dozen different school groups there that day
Checking out the statues outside the penguin exhibit

And inside the penguin exhibit. She liked watching them swim right in front of her, but they were too fast for me to catch on camera

Enjoying lunch and checking out the geese that were begging for a bite on the other side of our picninc table
B and the bobcat (see what I mean about cages... this animal had maybe a 8x8 foot cage outdoors and 10x10 indoors to live in... kind of sad)
The Meerkats

After a bit, she seemed more interested in the other kids checking out the Meerkats than the animals themselves ha!
And finally the Komodo Dragon

We may have to go back a few times this summer and try it again :) I've been debating on an annual pass since it would get us into the other zoo I mentioned above. For Free! But I don't know if we would really get enough use out of it to warrant a full year pass. Hmm...
Do any of you go to the zoo?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Winner, Winner

Yep, I'm a winner! Or so naptime crafters said ;-)

She had a giveaway for a tute from here. And so I commented. And I WON! And even though I won, I think I'm gonna buy a couple more of the tutorials. Especially this one, 'cause I think it's awesome.

I just got my prize in my email this morning. And so this afternoon, I will be going through my ribbon and making a bow.

And then I will make some more and give them away to YOU! :) I gotta spread the love, right? I'm so excited!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger hates me

Apparently my last 2 posts are lost in the land of lost blogs... bummer

On a happier note though, I won a giveaway over here! EEE! So exciting!

I think I may have to share the love a little bit once I get the tute...

B and I went to the zoo on Thursday for the first time. It was pretty fun, but it's hard not to be judgmental since I grew up with a pretty stellar zoo. I'll post the pics when I get a chance.

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Easter- in pictures

We had a fantastic Easter a couple weeks ago when we were visiting family!

Here are some of the highlights in pics:

At church Easter morning
Egg dying the night before Easter

Yuko had never dyed eggs before!

Me and B
Let the hunting begin!

Getting help from everyone

Helping Nana do some chores

Church again to hear Auntie Ashley sing- she's got an AMAZING voice btw

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To my parents

You guys are a great example! Happy 37th Anniversary!

Love you!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I did it! I finally got down to pre preggo weight! :D


Only like 20 more lbs to go to my ultimate goal!


oh and the first pair of skinny jeans? I can get them up, zipped AND have a little room! Too bad the weight distribution on my body is vastly different than pre B. The muffin top prohibits my wearing them for a bit longer, but they FIT!

Now onto the next pair of skinni-er jeans! :)

It's a great day in this house. A great day indeed!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mommy's Day to all my mama friends out there! Hope the kiddos and men in your life are pampering you today!

And to all those waiting to be mommies, I wish a day full of happiness. I continually pray that your journey brings you your dream!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our trip in pictures

I kept out the ones from Easter for another post, since B was so darn cute hunting for eggs, but thought I'd share our travels! Hope you enjoy. Oh and be warned, there are a lot ;-)

All packed and ready to go

Enjoying a quick treat at 'bucks before heading out on the road
Enjoying a meal at one of our favorite places: Acropolis!

Papa trying to steal a bite!
She thinks sticking her fingers up her nose is funny- her uncles' laughter didn't help matters

A trip to 'bucks with Yuko (she was a Japanese exchange student with my parents a few years ago- she loves my family so much that she comes back and visits from time to time- We LOVE her!! [oh and she just got done working at Disney World for the last 13 mos... JEALOUS!])

Lunch with Uncle Jeremy- we brought him Ezell's!

'bucks again- this time with Gigi! (She's my mom's mom)

Checking out the live crabs at the market- she was fascinated

She LOVES her reflection and the massive amounts of mirrors at David's Bridal made for great fun!

She also kept kissing herself in the mirrors

She loves my parent's dog Georgia and even says her name now! I guess Kino is chopped liver...

Sneaking Easter candy from her basket- this was funny because we have found she LOVES jelly beans- she even scavenged everyone's easter baskets for them.

View from the beach house

Feeding Papa

Enjoying some bubble gum ice cream in Ocean Shores

Just us

Saying "bye bye" to the beach house

Having a yummy dinner at OSF with (soon-to-be) Auntie Alicia

Brynna and Nana

Okay I think that about covers it ;-)