Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weight loss check-in

Just because I'm so excited about how my weight loss is going, I thought I'd post about it!

Down another 5-6 pounds since my last post (I think) which means I'm about 10 lbs to my goal weight. Skeeeeeeee!!!

I have a feeling these are going to be the ones that won't budge... or at least 5 of them will be. But I'm going to keep working hard and eating right and I WILL lose it all ;-)

Since I had a bit of a lapse in p90x when I went to Seattle I'm a week behind, which puts me at week 8 starting today. It's amazing how great I feel! To be honest I never thought (even though I knew I would force myself Ha!) I would get this far into the program without keeling over.

So here are the stats:

Weight loss this week: 3.5 lbs
Weight loss in May: 7.5
Weight loss since Batman left: 19.9 lbs!!!!
Initial skinny jeans: fit but I still have a bit of a muffin top and since they are SUPER low rise, I'm not wearing them yet
Ultimate skinny jeans: Um... these are still in storage HA! But since they are a size 4 I know I have a bit of losing to do before I will even get them past my knees ;-)

Since I'm going to see Batman next weekend, I'm hoping to lose a few pounds before I leave on Friday... which means I'm going to double up the workouts and really be good on what I'm eating (aka- no "bad meal of the week" before I see him).
So there you have it. Wish me luck!


Morgan Owens said...

Way to go T! You are doing so great, you should be really proud of yourself! :)
Hope you and Batman have fun next weekend! ;)

Happily Married said...

Congrats! Enjoy Batman and reveling him in your new, more confident body. Results are ALWAYS a surefire motivator for most of us women. I know you can do it! You're certainly an inspiration - I know I only got a few days into p90 & you're already working on week EIGHT with excitement! GO YOU!

someday-soon said...

You are doing so great, congratulations!!! Batman is going to be surprised =)