Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Headed home

Well, I'm headed home here in a couple of hours. I've had a wonderful weekend with Batman! This trip was definitely worth it and I know Brynna had a great time with cousins and family. I have a feeling she may have a bit of a rough week though from here... she's been seriously spoiled the last 4 days LOL
Here are the few pics I have to post, but we didn't take a lot :( Kept forgetting to have people take our picture. I'm terrible about that.
Anniversary gift (of sorts) to Batman... this took most of our Saturday in OKC so we didn't get much sight seeing in... it was worth it though. We are both happy how it turned out! If you are ever in the OKC area and looking for a tattoo artist- RAWB Carter at Cannibal Graphics is awesome! (he's not listed on their website since he's a newer artist, but he was amazing!)

Headed out for the day on Sunday- went to Denny's (epic fail) and the mall. Pretty exciting huh? ;-)

Hanging out in his apartment (I use that term pretty loosely since it's barely 500 sq ft)

Breakfast Monday at Cracker Barrel
And that's about it...LOL I think Batman may have a picture or 2 more so I will post those when he sends them to me.

We had our "anniversary dinner" at this fantastic restaurant called Cheddars's... SO good and CHEAP ha! I kind of wish they would open one up in Idaho!

Only 4 more weeks until Batman gets to come home! Can't wait!


Morgan Owens said...

I LOVE the pics and the tattoo turned out amazing..the guy did really good! I'm glad you guys had a great time! We have a Cheddars here and they are SO good, and it's really cheap for the quality of the food! Their alcoholic beverages are tasty too! ;)
p.s.- Dang I thought you would put SOMETHING juicy in this for me! LOL kidding, kidding!

Happily Married said...

YAY for a great and enjoyable weekend! I'm sure Miss B will be extatic to see you again. 4 more weeks will seem like nothing after getting through the last 8-9.

someday-soon said...

So happy you had a nice weekend with Batman. Love the new tat. You must be so excited that the 4 week countdown is here =)

Mandy said...

Aww! So glad you guys had a great time! Thats awesome.

Melissa said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend with your hubby. I know how much you've been missing him, as I'm sure sure Brynna missed her Daddy as well. Wow, only 4 weeks left to go - hopefully it goes by quickly.