Friday, May 20, 2011

A review: Jade Thermal Therapy Breast Pack

I was recently asked to review a product by one of the patients in my mom's office- Jade Breast Thermal Therapy. While I'm not a breasfeeding mama at the moment, I hope to someday be again, so I told her I'd try it out and see what I thought.

LOVE! As their website says, "More comfortable than a bag of peas."

The gel packs are fully adjustable allowing them to fit a range of cup sizes (A-C for the small, D and bigger for the large).The fabric is nice and soft and is of good quality. They can be heated or cooled, depending on what you are using them for (and where you are using them, as they can really be used anywhere). You can heat them using the microwave or hot water, and cooled in the fridge, freezer or cold water. They stay pliable regardless of the temperature (unlike a lot of cold packs).
I think for myself I would purcahse the large size since the girls get quite large when I'm nursing (DD+ which for me was just ginormous), but the small worked and would accomodate a generous C easily. And I think the best part about them was that you can use them while you are nursing. Sold! I can't tell you how many times I would have killed to have something like this, especially during those first few months with the crazy engorgement and having mastitis. And they would have been useful when I was weaning B too. There were a few days when I actually did use a bag of peas and it wasn't so cute... or indiscreet. Obviously, I didn't leave the house ;-)

The price isn't too terrible at $20 a piece (or $40 for a pair). If you are interested, you can purchase them through their website here with Pay.pal.

Their website could use a little work, but I know it's a "work in progress." I would have liked to see an instructional video or some kind of marketing video, but it's coming. I'm sure as things get rolling for them, it will be a little easier to navigate and have more content.

So there you have it. My first review in all it's glory ;-)

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