Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day at the zoo

While I won't pretend that our zoo is even close to glamorous, we did have fun last Thursday and you can't beat only paying $4.25 for a few hours of fun :) Having grown up going to this zoo, it was hard to see a lot of animals just in cages, but it looks like Boise is coming around and starting to make habitats instead of dwellings.
Anyway, here are pics of our adventures. Brynna had a really fun time and was mesmerized by the meerkats and prairie dogs. She even was entertained when a gibbon came and sat right in front of her in his cage and just stared at her.
She really liked this bear- I think it's a sloth bear?
She was SO happy to get out of her stroller! I had to wait until we weren't surrounded by kids- there were like a dozen different school groups there that day
Checking out the statues outside the penguin exhibit

And inside the penguin exhibit. She liked watching them swim right in front of her, but they were too fast for me to catch on camera

Enjoying lunch and checking out the geese that were begging for a bite on the other side of our picninc table
B and the bobcat (see what I mean about cages... this animal had maybe a 8x8 foot cage outdoors and 10x10 indoors to live in... kind of sad)
The Meerkats

After a bit, she seemed more interested in the other kids checking out the Meerkats than the animals themselves ha!
And finally the Komodo Dragon

We may have to go back a few times this summer and try it again :) I've been debating on an annual pass since it would get us into the other zoo I mentioned above. For Free! But I don't know if we would really get enough use out of it to warrant a full year pass. Hmm...
Do any of you go to the zoo?


Iris Savea said...

my parents are coming to visit and i'm thinking of heading up to the zoo one day when they are here! Eirik hasn't been before so it should be interesting!

Charlotte said...

Aw, seems like B had a fun day!

We have gone to our local zoo before, but it's pretty costly to get in, 3 times as much as you paid per person, and its not the greatest zoo. At least I'm not that impressed.

But we do it, cause, yanno, its for the kids!

someday-soon said...

Great pics! We took Kylie to the zoo about a month ago. She liked it but I think she'll be more into it around 4 or 5. We are thinking an annual pass at that point may be worth while...

Christina said...

Looks like B had a lot of fun! We went to the zoo in Arizona and Annika loved it. Our zoo here looks a lot like yours, big animals in tiny cages.

~Rachel~ said...

We buy the year pass to our local zoo -- it's one of Nick and my favorite things to do (we used to go on dates there even before Henry arrived!). It only takes about 7 adult visits (so 3-4 times, less if we bring 2 guests) to make up for the cost. So worth it, esp. if you go to the other zoo's that you get into!

(our zoo is tiny with lots of cages too, only takes about an hour and a half to see everything, perfect amount of time for a toddler!)