Friday, May 6, 2011

18 months!

Well we've hit the official year and half mark. It's hard to believe that we are now on the down slope towards 2! Oh my! I think time just keeps moving faster and faster! (Although NOT with the time left for Batman returning!)

We ended up seeing our "Seattle ped" while we were there since our normal ped wouldn't have seen us anyway. And well, we just LOVE Dr. Kilburn (if anyone ever moves to the Seattle/ Eastside are he is the BEST ped in the state!). He gave Brynna a very resounding "perfect toddler" award! I told him my concerns about her verbal skills (or lack thereof) and he laid my fears to rest. And her reminded me that just because she's not verbally getting her point across, doesn't mean she's not communicating, which is really what we should be looking at ;-)

So her stats:

Ht: 30 3/4 in (25%)
Wt: 23 lbs 3 oz (35%)
HC: 17 7/8 in (30%)

Still my petite little girl. I guess I didn't really realize just how petite until I was reading Mic's blog and saw little K's 9 mo stats (and NO I don't think K is gargantuan baby... just surprised me that they were nearly the same size, but separated by 9 months is all...)


She finally moved into size 4 'sposies, which we used while we were in Seattle (I was NOT about to try and CD on vacation). 12 month clothes still seem to fit her the best although some of the pants are too short. 18 mo stuff just drowns her or falls off, but the length is better although a bit too long. We still have a few 9 mo stuff hanging around in the closet too that still fits well- but all tshirts and onesies.

This month Brynna started saying more animal sounds! When asked what a sheep says she'll go "ba ba ba" and a cow she'll go "mmmmmmoo mmmmoo." She was already making a duck sound ("cack cack cack") and a dog ("wff wfff") sound so it was exciting to hear the other 2 coming out too. She now says hi pretty consistently although she whispers it, which is kind of funny. She says banana "neh neh" and please "pee" although she signs that one most often. Oh and she LOVES saying Papa... or maybe she was just enamored with him ;-) And Mommy seems to be her FAVORITE word these days. Melts my heart!

She is RUNNING everywhere! It's hard to keep up with her and most days I fall into bed exhausted. Unfortunately this hasn't equated into any extra weight loss for me :P She is constantly on the go!

Her naps have become a bit longer (Hooray!) and are usually 2-3 hours vs the 1-2 that we were having. It's a little bit of heaven for this mama as it allows for more time to blog and work out and craft ;-) (speaking of, I need to post about that. I've got some fun stuff to show off and I'm thinking about giving some of it away if anyone is interested?)

We have unofficially started the potty training process. And I do mean VERY UNOFFICIALLY. Dr K suggested that we put a potty for her in the bathroom she most uses (for baths) and get her acquainted with what it's for. So in light of that, we brought out the potty chair my IL gave us a few months ago (BTW it makes a little chiming sound when you go potty on it so B LOVES sticking her hand in the bucket to make it sound off... lovely) and stuck in the bathroom. I've had her sit on it a couple times right before her bath. And that's about as far as we will go for a while. She's SO not ready. In fact the kid is content to sit in a poopy diaper for who knows how long. Apparently she's her mother's daughter, as I was the same way.

Brynna got to go to the beach for the first time ever and had a GREAT TIME! Here are some of the highlights:

(PS We made a collage of these pics at Wal.greens today for FREE! Through tomorrow use the promo code FREECOLLAGE and get a free 8x10 collage! EE! [and no I was not compensated in anyway for telling you this, I just thought it was a good deal])

She's started humming along with the alphabet song! We have this little fridge toy and as much as I HATE hearing it, I think it's actually doing some good because B knows the letter B! I can ask her where is the B and and she will either grab it or point to it.

Whew! That's all I can think of for now.

We have lots of pics to share from our trip, but that will be in another post... this one is long enough ;-)

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Happily Married said...

YAY for an awesome trip! And double yay for a Ped you really like while you're away! I know what you mean when you say that you fall into bed exhausted after running around after B all day. Enjoy those naps because they are definitely heaven-sent!