Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strike out

Thank you for all your opinions! It was very helpful.

Only problem is, Oldnavy didn't have a single item from EITHER outfit. And Maurices only had the top in XS, and never in a million years was that going to happen.

So back to the dawing board. I'm going to check out Kohls, another Maurices and Target today and see if I can find anything.

I think I'm leaning towards an outfit similar to the first one since I'm usually FREEZING on airplanes. Hopefully, I can find something I like that is along the same lines.

If I find something I will post some pics and see what y'all think :)


Melissa said...

Personally, I love Victoria's Secret for cute outfits. They have so many things that are both sexy yet classy - the only downside being that you need to order online and they take some time to ship. I hope you find something you love!

Christina said...

I bet you find something at Target, they have a lot of leggings and the long sweaters there. Don't forget to take some pictures!

someday-soon said...

Good luck finding the perfect outfit!