Thursday, September 29, 2011

Insanity update... or not

I can't really call this an update since I've kind of put Insanity up on the shelf for a while.

See, first I left for Seattle a few weeks ago (mid week 7... or was it 8? Can't remember) for a week and left it at home. Then I came home and had ZERO motivation to get back into it. And then... well, that's it in a nutshell. I kinda gave up on it.

Don't get me wrong it was a really good workout. I enjoyed, for the most part, those 7ish weeks. And I was starting to see some changes, notice more strength, getting better at each fit test. But I just kind of ran out of steam when I got home.

So after a couple (3) weeks, I decided to come back to it at a later date and instead start up p90x again. I just really felt like I was getting a better work out from it overall (it may have something to do with the fact that I was a lot more consistent with p90 than I was with Insanity). And I kind of like having the weight training AND cardio. I missed that with Insanity.

So that's where I am. Sorry there won't be any before and after pictures... maybe next time I go through insanity? I only have 3 lbs until I've hit my original goal weight. And when (if) I ever get to my dream goal weight, I'll let you know. I think they're going to be the hardest!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The date has been set (edited for clarification)

Well, I made the appt and my IUD (hopefully) comes out Oct 10th. Let the TTC crazies begin!

I'm hoping this time around I can be a little more relaxed and laid back in my approach. But who am i kidding? When am I ever NOT crazy about something I set my mind on?

Anyone have any advice about getting the IUD out? All I can find online are horror stories (thank you Dr. google). ETA: My IUD has little-to-no strings and they had to use an u/s to even find it back in April when I was having that weird spotting... so I'm not sure if it's going to be easy, hard, whatever :( But does AF show up right away or am I going to have to wait around for her to get with the program?

I'm kind of excited. And kind of terrified. We will see what happens.

I will say this though. I recently had my palm read (by a 6 YR OLD- so it's completely reliable {dripping with sarcasm}) and supposedly we are only having one child so maybe all this anticipation is for naught?

Monday, September 26, 2011

22/23 months

Little Miss Brynna turned 23 months last week (how is this POSSIBLE?!) and since I was such a slacker mama last month (aka didn't do a 22 month post) I'm combining it ;-)

So here goes:

She weighs in at 25.2 lbs on our home scale (40%) and is about 32in tall (12%)- I think ;-)

She's wearing mostly 18 mo clothes, some 12 mo, some 24 mo, but the 24mo is still pretty HUGE on her, especially if she wears pants without a CD (with 'sposies they fall right off).

Still in size 4 'sposies, but we've been avoiding buying many lately... trying to cut down on our expenses and at $10 even at Wal.Mart for a small bag... well, kudos to those of you that buy the big boxes!

Her feet have finally grown and she's now in size 6! Which meant a couple weeks ago I had to run out and buy a couple pairs of new shoes for her (darn, huh? LOL). I LOVE that we have so many kids' consignment stores around here! I got her 2 pairs (one ske.tchers and one con.verse) for $12.

I know I've said this the last few months, but her vocabulary continues to expode! She's putting together (very) short sentences now, which has been kind of excting for us ;-) A couple of my favorite words she's taken to in the last couple months are: baby corn, Apple.bee's, what happened?, mommy (instead of mom), gramma's house, and Kino kisses. They all just sound so cute with her little voice ;-)

She's getting more and more into coloring. I have to keep the crayons and markers out of her line of sight, otherwise we'd be coloring all day in this house!

We continue to go to the library once a week, although we've missed the "tot time" the last couple months (August is their month off and we haven't been going in Sept due to schedules), but hopefully this week we will get back into the swing of things. It's been fun going on our own though and playing and picking out books on our own.

She's FINALLY getting enough hair to braid! Yay! My mom even got it into a french braid when we were up in Seatown a couple weeks ago, so there is hope that she won't have to be Hulk Hogan for Halloween (My brother J has been trying to get me to dress her up like that since last year... he thinks it would be hilarious! For the record- she's going to be a cow)

Her love of animals continues to grow so now anytime we see a dog or cat in the neighborhood, we have to stop and either pet them or watch them for a while (all friendly of course). We've been to the zoo a couple times and she has such a great time! I'm thinking next year we will do an annual pass and go once a week or so.

She's still my little helper and loves to clean (that would be from her dad) and help around the house. I've been letting her "help" me with dinner a few times here and there and she has a good time pouring ingredients together. She got to lick the beaters from some cake mix a few weeks ago and she LOVED that!

And I think that's all I can think of right now...

Here's some highlight pics of the last couple months:


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great weekend! (warning-picture heavy post! and kinda long)

We gained a new family member on Friday! My SIL went in for her scheduled csection and out came our beautiful new nephew Phoenix ;-) We got to visit them yesterday in the hospital and OH MY! I think I'm ready for another one in our house LOL (that's another post entirely... don't get any ideas):

My SIL is recovering well. She's diabetic, so it's been a bit of a rough pregnancy for her, but the c section went great and she's feeling good.
Here's baby's stats:
Weight: 9lbs 9oz (so glad she had a c/s and didn't make her wait the extra week and a half to her EDD)
Length: 23.5 in (no wonder why she was pretty miserable for the last couple months!)
Name: Phoenis Orion W.
He's really just precious! And finally a grandkid in Batman's family that looks like his side LOL ALL the other 4 grandkids look more like their mama's (B included) ;-) But this one seems to take after Batman's mom's side (he looks a lot like Batman's late grandpa- Batman's mom's dad- we're hoping it sticks) ;P
And since my SIL had Phoenix on Friday, my IL had big brother Roenan! So we met them for the ZOO on Friday!

Grandma and Roenan

Playing on the Tigers

Grandpa and the munchkinds

Little Helpers

Meeting in the middle of the prairie dog tunnel

Ready to GO!

Plus our Broncos won another game and are still seated #4 in the polls! Saturday we found miss B a couple new pairs of shoes too. I'm loving all the consignment stores in our area! I found her a pair of pink, sparkly Sk.echers and  pink, hightop Con.verse for $6 each! 
Today we spent the morning at church and then relaxed at home. Batman's had to work all weekend :( so we will be giving him some TLC tonight *wink wink*
And since Miss B turns 23 months in just a couple days, I'm going to be a slacker mom and just do a joint 22/23 month post ;-) This kiddo is growing up way too fast! Yikes!
Hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home at last

and trying to recover... well, actually we've been home since Monday, but it's taken us a couple days to get back into our groove.

The wedding was FABULOUS! And thanks to Brynna entertaining the crowd throughout the ceremony, I didn't cry at all (even though I was on the verge of tears all Saturday). The song went well (did I tell you I sang with my younger siblings? This song) and people even came up to me after and said "I didn't know you could sing!" (I can't really... it's more that I can carry a tune... certainly no american idol or anything!) My brother was so happy and my new SIL looked amazing!
Unfortunately I was so preoccupied, I didn't get many pics- and none of B in her dress :(! Eeek! So here's a little taste until I can "borrow" some off of FB from the photog ;-)

And since I'm late on this- to answer the couple of Insanity questions:
Emma: It is pretty hard on the knees if you have issues. There is a TON of jumping up and down and lunges and squats... I would stick with something less impact. I did the turbo jam series a few years ago and it would be (or turbo fire) a much better option for you, I think. HTH!
Christina: between the 2, I lost the most weight with p90x. And to be honest, I think I liked it better. Insanity is no joke, but I just felt like I was getting a better all around work out with p90x. HTH!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off and running again

B and I leave in the wee hours of the morning for Seatown. My brother, J is getting married on Saturday so we are headed up for the festivities. Should be a grand time! And miss B is one of the flower girls, so you KNOW there is a picture post coming ;-)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The end of life as I know it...

In other words, I had a birthday yesterday (and thank you to all of you who wished me a happy one on FB- it really was great!). It was the big 3-0. Yikes!

And while this might come off as a bit melodramatic, to be honest, I'm having a hard time coming to grips with it. My age. I realize that 30 is NOT old by any means. But it does mean I'm getting older. And I think what has be freaked out the most is that I'm not where I thought I'd be at this age. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in a bad place at all. Quite the contrary. I've got a great life, a wonderful husband, the best daughter, a nice home. It's just not quite what I pictured, you know?
And I certainly wouldn't trade it for anything! It's just... different than what I imagined.
I guess I thought I'd be more "grown up," done having our kids, working, living elsewhere, etc. I know this is just rambling and not making any sense. Hell, it doesn't even make sense in my own brain... it just is what it is I guess. It's silly, really, to have a hard time with a birthday. They're inevitable. Every year.

Maybe my problem is that time is just moving too fast? Maybe it's that I need to stop and savor the moments I'm given instead of dwelling on what isn't? Probably...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Game Day!

And you know what that means...

We are decked out in our blue and orange, waiting for Boise State to kick some Georgia A$$ (down with the SEC)!! It's gonna be awesome!! You better believe we will be cheering on our Broncos! Game starts at 8ET in case you didn't know- on ESPN ;-P
In the meantime, I'm waiting for Batman to get home from climbing Mt Borah, wiling away the hours watching other college football games.

(On a side note- thank you all for your thoughts and comments. My parents have been in contact with their attorney and the union, as well as the city's HR dept. It's been a crazy few days- only to get crazier! My older brother is getting married in a week (9-10-11), so obviously the timing of my dad's termination is very poor. I will keep y'all posted though)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More bad days

Yesterday my dad got the call from the city. He was officially terminated.

I'm so angry! What the hell is wrong with the City? Don't they know that in court they won't have a leg to stand on? Why put themselves through a long and costly legal battle? Why put my parents through the hardship when it's more than likely only going to go in their favor? Ugh! Why couldn't they have at least given him the option to retire? The man has been their slave for 34 YEARS!

I talked to my brother about leaking the story to the press and I guess at this point it doesn't make sense. He said the union is going into "binding arbitration?" Whatever that means (I have no legal background so can someone please explain this to me? From my understanding this would add a 3rd party and their decision would be final? I'm confused...) I'm not sure what happens after that, if anything?

And of course the city waited until the last day of August. The last day my parents (and younger siblings) had benefits.  My dad could have had the knee surgery he needs, that contributed to his accident, had they known sooner! Instead they jerked him around for over a month, not allowing him the opportunity to get it done. Again. So now he will just suffer longer (mind you he tried to have this done prior to his accident last summer, but the city refused to allow him the time off as they "needed him" those months).

And the worst part of all this? My dad feels like a big, fat failure. Like he's not worth it. And that breaks my heart. He's one of the most hard working, nicest, big hearted men I know. And it kills me that people are doing this to him.