Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home at last

and trying to recover... well, actually we've been home since Monday, but it's taken us a couple days to get back into our groove.

The wedding was FABULOUS! And thanks to Brynna entertaining the crowd throughout the ceremony, I didn't cry at all (even though I was on the verge of tears all Saturday). The song went well (did I tell you I sang with my younger siblings? This song) and people even came up to me after and said "I didn't know you could sing!" (I can't really... it's more that I can carry a tune... certainly no american idol or anything!) My brother was so happy and my new SIL looked amazing!
Unfortunately I was so preoccupied, I didn't get many pics- and none of B in her dress :(! Eeek! So here's a little taste until I can "borrow" some off of FB from the photog ;-)

And since I'm late on this- to answer the couple of Insanity questions:
Emma: It is pretty hard on the knees if you have issues. There is a TON of jumping up and down and lunges and squats... I would stick with something less impact. I did the turbo jam series a few years ago and it would be (or turbo fire) a much better option for you, I think. HTH!
Christina: between the 2, I lost the most weight with p90x. And to be honest, I think I liked it better. Insanity is no joke, but I just felt like I was getting a better all around work out with p90x. HTH!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time! You look awesome! :)