Monday, September 26, 2011

22/23 months

Little Miss Brynna turned 23 months last week (how is this POSSIBLE?!) and since I was such a slacker mama last month (aka didn't do a 22 month post) I'm combining it ;-)

So here goes:

She weighs in at 25.2 lbs on our home scale (40%) and is about 32in tall (12%)- I think ;-)

She's wearing mostly 18 mo clothes, some 12 mo, some 24 mo, but the 24mo is still pretty HUGE on her, especially if she wears pants without a CD (with 'sposies they fall right off).

Still in size 4 'sposies, but we've been avoiding buying many lately... trying to cut down on our expenses and at $10 even at Wal.Mart for a small bag... well, kudos to those of you that buy the big boxes!

Her feet have finally grown and she's now in size 6! Which meant a couple weeks ago I had to run out and buy a couple pairs of new shoes for her (darn, huh? LOL). I LOVE that we have so many kids' consignment stores around here! I got her 2 pairs (one ske.tchers and one con.verse) for $12.

I know I've said this the last few months, but her vocabulary continues to expode! She's putting together (very) short sentences now, which has been kind of excting for us ;-) A couple of my favorite words she's taken to in the last couple months are: baby corn, Apple.bee's, what happened?, mommy (instead of mom), gramma's house, and Kino kisses. They all just sound so cute with her little voice ;-)

She's getting more and more into coloring. I have to keep the crayons and markers out of her line of sight, otherwise we'd be coloring all day in this house!

We continue to go to the library once a week, although we've missed the "tot time" the last couple months (August is their month off and we haven't been going in Sept due to schedules), but hopefully this week we will get back into the swing of things. It's been fun going on our own though and playing and picking out books on our own.

She's FINALLY getting enough hair to braid! Yay! My mom even got it into a french braid when we were up in Seatown a couple weeks ago, so there is hope that she won't have to be Hulk Hogan for Halloween (My brother J has been trying to get me to dress her up like that since last year... he thinks it would be hilarious! For the record- she's going to be a cow)

Her love of animals continues to grow so now anytime we see a dog or cat in the neighborhood, we have to stop and either pet them or watch them for a while (all friendly of course). We've been to the zoo a couple times and she has such a great time! I'm thinking next year we will do an annual pass and go once a week or so.

She's still my little helper and loves to clean (that would be from her dad) and help around the house. I've been letting her "help" me with dinner a few times here and there and she has a good time pouring ingredients together. She got to lick the beaters from some cake mix a few weeks ago and she LOVED that!

And I think that's all I can think of right now...

Here's some highlight pics of the last couple months:



someday-soon said...

Wow, she's changing so much right now! She's adorable as always though of course =) I love their little voices...

Melissa said...

What a great update & look at how precious she is! It sounds like Miss Brynna is doing exceptionally well. It's such an exciting thing listening to their vocabulary explode. You'll be amazed at the crazy things that will come out of her mouth in the months to come. It'll definitely keep you laughing. ;-)

The pictures are adorable ~ love them!

Christina said...

I still can't believe how old our girls are getting! I can't wait to see B's Halloween costume, she's going to be such a cute cow.

Happily Married said...

What a cute petite little girl you have! Isn't this age absolutely the BEST?! Seeing the world through their eyes is renewing to the soul. Great update!