Thursday, September 1, 2011

More bad days

Yesterday my dad got the call from the city. He was officially terminated.

I'm so angry! What the hell is wrong with the City? Don't they know that in court they won't have a leg to stand on? Why put themselves through a long and costly legal battle? Why put my parents through the hardship when it's more than likely only going to go in their favor? Ugh! Why couldn't they have at least given him the option to retire? The man has been their slave for 34 YEARS!

I talked to my brother about leaking the story to the press and I guess at this point it doesn't make sense. He said the union is going into "binding arbitration?" Whatever that means (I have no legal background so can someone please explain this to me? From my understanding this would add a 3rd party and their decision would be final? I'm confused...) I'm not sure what happens after that, if anything?

And of course the city waited until the last day of August. The last day my parents (and younger siblings) had benefits.  My dad could have had the knee surgery he needs, that contributed to his accident, had they known sooner! Instead they jerked him around for over a month, not allowing him the opportunity to get it done. Again. So now he will just suffer longer (mind you he tried to have this done prior to his accident last summer, but the city refused to allow him the time off as they "needed him" those months).

And the worst part of all this? My dad feels like a big, fat failure. Like he's not worth it. And that breaks my heart. He's one of the most hard working, nicest, big hearted men I know. And it kills me that people are doing this to him.


Lauren said...

That is just AWFUL! Your poor Dad:(

someday-soon said...

That just sucks so bad! I'm sorry your Dad is feeling so bad...I hope the union can take care of it. Here's what wiki has to say about binding arbitration, I'm keeping everything crossed that it's resolved soon!

Anne said...

I take it your dad was under a union contract? Binding arbitration means that the union will have to reach an agreement w/a 3rd party mediator per the unions contract w/the city. This means that under the union contract, the union is not allowed to bring the city to court and they must reach an agreement via mediation. This as you can see saves them a lot of time and money. This is probably why they didn't hesitate about letting him go. Your dad could still sue them based on discrimination however. See what your atty advises.
And if I were you, I would leak it to your local news, or even big CBS. Sorry about this mess. I feel so sorry for your dad.

Kimmygintx said...

So sorry to hear about this! :(

Melissa said...

So heartbreaking, Tiff. The whole situation seems terribly unfair and I'm sorry your father had to get this bad news, especially right when his benefits come to an end. I know you all want to avoid a long and costly legal battle, but I hope he stands up for himself and fights this. He doesn't deserve this at all. :(

Happily Married said...

Tiff, I'm so sorry that they're doing this to your family. I'd definitely be seeking legal consultation beyond what the union does. And I'd also be leaking the story. In this day and age with the job market the way it is and the stunts that some places of employment pull because they can have pick of the litter it makes it a pretty hard time for your dad being put in this situation. Prayers for your family Hun.