Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrity Twin

So apparently I have a celebrity twin. I realize that for a long time now, people have thought I was her or looked like her, but I honestly don't see the resemblance. I used to chalk it up to the fact that most people knew the "cheerleader" me and since she was in that movie. But now, I have no idea how people see the resemblance...
Over the weekend I was out of town. Well, Saturday afternoon my mom and I ditched sis in order to find some "normal" food (I'm not a big fan of concession fare especially the kind at this tournament). Ya, we found ourselves at Den.ny.s of all places. (I think this was more out of sheer terror of getting lost. again.) I couldn't help but notice the amount of people staring in our direction during our entire meal. It kind of weirded me out, but I just chalked it up to the fact that I am cute and left it at that (actually I just thought I had something on my face, but left well enough alone). Well, near the end of our meal our waiter comes up and says, "I don't mean to be rude, but has anyone ever told you, you look like..." Um, yes. More than you think. I try to avoid it (okay not really. I kind of like all the attention. I mean who wouldn't be flattered to be mistaken for a celebrity?).
I got a free salad out of the whole thing. Oh the joys of mistaken identity!

What a weekend

So this past weekend I took a short road trip to see my mom and sis. We both drove about half way. My sis had a weekend job helping out a friend of ours with her photog business- she was taking shots of a softball tournament. It would have been an awesome trip except it was lacking a few key elements:
1- a bed. For some reason said friend thought that a room with only 1 (count it with me, uno!) full size bed would suffice 4 people. Oh and we are talking Motel 6 here people, not the Hilton. Instead friend and sis slept in the room (friend on the bed and sis on the floor) and mom and I improvised (read spent a large wad at Wally Marty World) and slept on an air mattress in the back of her car. I guess at least we found out a full size air mattress will fit back there in case she ever needs to do that again? Oh and a shout out to the nice cashier at Wally Marty World for giving us 10% off one of our new sleeping bags because the packaging was broken! Lol~ I love it!
2- a shower. Mom and I are pretty early risers by nature so when we woke up Saturday morning at 6:30 we decided we would head on down the road for a MUCH needed 'bucks coffee (in case you didn't know this already- I HEART STARBUCKS! It's not enough that I grew up in Sea-town so am therefore an addict by default, but I also spent 3 wonderful college years working there- Starbucks + me = blissfully happy) Well, instead of calling us to let us know they too had gotten up early and were leaving for the tournament, we got back to the hotel to find them gone. Thankfully we had a key as mom's cell was inside being charged and only she had friend's number. Sister didn't have her phone on. When we finally did get ahold of them, we found out we needed to leave ASAP- hence no shower. Put your hair in a nasty, greasy ponytail, dab on a bit of makeup and go.
3- not working. I get paid to work at my job M-F 8-5. I do this because a) I need the money and b) they value my time enough to PAY me for it. Unfortunately this weekend instead of it being a nice fellowship time with mom, we were ALL put to work for the photog friend. Instead of lounging around with mom, we got to sit under a hot tent, in the hot shade, waiting for parents to drop by and buy pics of their kids playing softball. Can I just say, UGH! I specifically found a job where I would NOT have to work on a weekend. I like it that way. It makes me happy. Working on a Saturday (and NOT getting paid for it) does not make me happy. And really what else matters in the world beyond my happiness? I mean, really?

Okay so enough complaining. It really was great to see my mom and sis. I hadn't seen them since February. And since sis leaves for China (Olympics the lucky duck) in a few weeks I knew I needed to go. I didn't even mind the driving, although driving 4 1/2 hours on Friday to then turn around and drive it again on Saturday is a little much. I took it in stride though. Miranda Lambert kept me company and I have decided this is my new favorite song. I sang it until I was hoarse (that's just how I roll on road trips by myself).

Sunday was spent going to one of my favorite stores as I do just about every Sunday with BFF and then wasting away watching the Euro cup soccer finals and grocery shopping at Wally Marty World (which I hate to do). Had myself a couple of brewskies too, just for good measure.

On the TTC front our BD fest is in full swing. I think O should be this weekend of next week (if I have a normal cycle this time) Let's hope we catch that eggie this time ;-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Did someone say fire?

So we had what we all thought was a fire drill in my building this morning. Oh the joy! It wasn't too bad at first. I grabbed my purse, walked out of the office, down the stairs and across the street to wait with my coworkers. For some reason Dr M decided to wait it out in his office for a while- call me crazy, but when you aren't sure if it is a drill or not, isn't it safer to err on the side of caution? I guess he wanted to "go down with the ship" or something, who know? Anyway, as we stand there (trying to look on the bright side of getting none of the much needed work done- at least it was 80 degrees and not raining?) we notice that the surgery center (outpatient) is evacuating its patients. Hmm... not done during a normal drill. That's when things took a turn for the worst...
Okay not really. It turns out there was some smoke coming from the electrical room in the basement and it set off the alarm. We had to stay out of the building for about an hour, but no damage was done.
The plus side is, I got all my work done despite the interruption.
The downside? I didn't get to see even ONE cute fireman doing his job! Pooh!
(I secretly wish S was a fireman... okay, I secretly wish S was a lot of professions, like this one, that he isn't... I just have a really active fantasy life going in my head at all times... he knows this and is okay with it...mostly)
So when asked what I did today, I told him I was a survivor. Hey, if the shoe fits... right?

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Okay, I just have to ask... who in the world would ACTUALLY do this at work?

Yep, I am going to stop what I am doing (while getting paid mind you) and do some crunches on the GINORMOUS balance ball I brought in with me to work. Along with the 8lb weights. Um, ya. I don't think so. Plus who gets to dress in sweats to work? Whoever it is, I want their job!

Books (and a few random other things)

I'm an avid reader. At any given time I am reading at LEAST one book, if not two, three or more. I can't get enough of the written word. And my selections are all over the place- Fiction/ non-fiction, political, historical, biographical, fanatical, romantical (okay I don't think that last couple are real words), you get the idea. I just LOVE to read.
Right now, I am in the middle of a series by Beverly Lewis- Abram's Daughters- book #3 called The Sacrifice-It's excellent! It's about the daughters of Abram (go figure) who are from an Amish community. I really am enjoying each one :)
I'm also reading Interview with a Vampire (Anne Rice) but I'm not sure I will go on with the series, much to S's dismay (since he LOVES anything and everything Anne Rice is involoved in). I just can't really get into it... and I am almost done with it. I guess vampires just aren't my thing, but I did give it a good college try.
I'm also re-reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's been, what, 10 months now and still no BFP, so I figure another round of information from Toni Weschler might not hurt. Besides, I probably missed a couple things the first couple times I read it... right? hmmm...

On a side note, AF has FINALLY left for good (or at least for good for this cycle) and we are now in the first of many waiting games... waiting to O. Hopefully it isn't nearly as long as last cycle (seeing as I never actually got to O, even after 72 days!) Can't I please just have ONE normal 28 day cycle?? Jeesh! So we are in full swing of the BD fest (my favorite part) and I am praying that I at least O this time around.

On a second side note, I am really optimistic for all my fellow TTC gals! :) God has really been moving (BFP style) on my board these last couple of weeks and I love it when there is a bunch at one time. Makes me feel like my prayers are really doing some good (okay, I know my prayers are ALWAYS doing good, but it's nice when what I want for all my TTC girls is also what God has in mind too!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I just realized that I begin all my posts with "so"... hmmm... seems a little grammatically incorrect. I am going to need to stop this annoying habit!
Too bad I write how I talk and the word "so" is a largely used word in my vocabulary and day to day conversation... So, I probably won't stop starting with so..
So... whatever

My Sweet, Adorable, Spoiled Puppy

So I have this dog. He is my baby. He is extremely spoiled. I don't apologize for this because well, he's my dog and I love him to pieces.
Well, he has this duck. Now when we first got him the duck (Wally Marty World special no less) he went tearing into it causing the duck call inside to be no longer functional. No problem, right? Well somehow in the last few years the first duck needed replaced (dog saliva+dirt+hair= nasty toys that MUST be thrown away!). So I think we are up to duck #4 at this point. As I stated before normally the duck gets de-quacked very quickly. Not the case with this one. I think Kino has had duck #4 for about a month now and the quacker is still going strong (who knew that the toys from Pet. S. Mart were much better quality than Wally Marty Worlds? do not answer that) Herein lies the problem. Kino loves to hear the duck quack. Kino does all he can to keep the quacking going. Even at 3 in the morning. Ya not a big fan of the duck or Kino at 3 in the morning.

But how you could NOT forgive this face?

You tell me how? Because for the life of me I can't stay mad at him. He's just too darn cute! The duck however just might have to go.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Almond Roca

So, there is this thing about my office- WE LOVE CANDY! Which means at any given time, on any given day, you can find about 10 different baskets of candy sitting out in various places including the billing office- aka where I sit all day- with any varying array and amount of treats in which to indulge. Usually this isn't a big problem. I see it over on the table, it's filled with yummy treats, like mini Snickers, Milky Ways, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, etc, I look the other way. Somedays I indulge, somedays I don't. It's not a big deal because I can usually curb my craving with one or two (okay who are we kidding, it's more like half the bowl) but once eaten I am usually able to go another week or two without.
Until today...
Some wonderful (read nasty... only because of what she has done) lady from an insurance company, we will refer to as Blue, came in and dropped off an entire ginormous tin of Almond Roca. Now this wouldn't really be an issue today as I am not really craving chocolate or sweets. But there is a problem : I LOVE Almond Roca. I could sit and it an entire tin of it without feeling guilty, then lick my lips and ask for more. The longer the tin sits, the more I want one (okay 5). The longer I don't indulge, the "hungrier" I am for nothing but the sweet, tasty goodness.
This could really be a problem people!
Because I. want. one. Badly.

The weekend

So it's Monday... we had a pretty fun weekend. S and I cleaned our house and ran some errands on Saturday. We missed out on the incredible 90 degree weather, but managed to also miss the crazy thunderstorms that rolled through in the evening. I looked outside at one point and thought one of our trees in the back was going to snap in half!! It was a little frightening to let Kino out in that, but he was able to do his b'ness in record time! LOL! I don't think he wanted to stay out there any longer than absolutley necessary either.
Sunday we went to a BBQ for S dad's birthday. Good food, nice day, fun times... crazy grandmas... what more could you ask for?
So now it's Monday and we are back the grind. Why does it always seem like Mondays will NEVER end? Ugh! I already wish it was Friday!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Not sure why I am posting this pic... maybe because I just like looking at pictures of myself? Not too bad for a piddly little camera phone, huh?

Sleep walking? I think not

So last night S had what he calls a "sleep walking episode." I say BS since he was piss ass drunk and has never sleep walked in all the years we have been married or together. (don't you think I would have noticed this in the last 6 years?).
Ya, so there I am sleeping soundly (as you do when you have had a drink or 4). S had come to bed about an hour or so beforehand. I heard him (barely since of course I was asleep) get up and go the bathroom. Then I heard a huge ! I bolted up in bed and yelled out "S? S, Are you okay?" no answer. So I yell it again, this time starting to get a little worried. no answer. I jump out of bed and start down the hallway "S!S! Answer ME! S!!" Finally, I hear a moan coming from the study.
As I open the door, there on the floor is S, sprawled out, blood gushing from his mouth and his chair turned over. At this point all I see is the blood and start freaking out. WTH was he doing in the study? Why didn't he just come back to bed after peeing? I rush him into the hall bath and yell at him to rinse out his mouth, which he completely ignores (or just doesn't hear since he, again, is piss ass drunk). Finally he hears me and gets his mouth rinsed out. Turns out he has a gaping wound that runs from his right lip line to the inside of his right cheek. Only S!! Actually I think this is more my style since I tend to be the klutz, but I digress.
I get his back in bed, which let me tell you is a feat when you are dealing with 200 lbs of nearly dead weight. I find him and ice pack, a wet rag to bite on and a pillow to prop his head. Jeesh! What a night! From that point on I got little to no sleep as I was a) afraid he would try to get up and pee and fall again and b) he was snoring so loud I had to keep turning him over. Just an FYI the man only snores because of 2 things: 1. He is sick 2. He is PLOWED!
He still maintains he was sleepwalking because as he argues, why would he go into the study? It's also the story he told work... and then was sent home since he was in such pain.
Um... Sleep walker? I think NOT!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well this is me... I'm 26 (27 in a few very short months) and S and I are TTC our first (again). This has been such a long disappointing journey so far, I figured I might as well join the masses and document the rest of it. Who knows? Maybe this will be a little theraputic? I highly doubt it, but I guess as time goes on people can check in on us...

So here it is June 18, 2008 at 3:45 pm. I am at work (where else?) wasting time (what's new?) starting this blog... Oh joy! Actually I am kind of looking forward to having a place to jott (sp?) down my thoughts or rant and rave to my heart's content!

A little background (just in case a random person somehow discovers this and wants to know):

We lost our first child, G almost 4 yrs ago at 24w on July 20, 2005.
We discovered at our 20w u/s that there were some problems- not enough amniotic fluid, not enough chord vessels, non functioning (what they thought) kidneys, delayed growth. There we were anticipating finding out the sex, finding out everything was measuring fine only to find out things were NOT alright at all. All this led to an amnioscentesis (sp?) which led to the dx of Triploidy which is where you end up getting 3 sets of every chromosome instead of just 2 (think down's to the 64th degree!)- obviously non-conducive with life.
You can imagine, we were heartbroken, having already come to love and anticipate this child! On July 20, 2005 we went into the hospital and gave birth (well at least I gave birth, Scott was there holding my hand) to baby G. He was about 1lb and 8 in long. It is the saddest, most horrible day I have ever had to endure! It has been (and at times still is) a long mourning process. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the child I lost :(
Since then we have been on this TTC road a couple of times-4 or 5 months in 2006 (before S left for Texas/ Lackland), 4 months in 2007 (before S left for Iraq) and now- on month 9 cycle 7 (almost 8). Collectively? We have been at this a long time... longer than I would have thought. But I guess I know it's all in God's time, not mine. When we are ready and His time is right, we will be blessed! I know it!
Until then all we can do is wait, try, pray and hope...