Friday, June 20, 2008

Sleep walking? I think not

So last night S had what he calls a "sleep walking episode." I say BS since he was piss ass drunk and has never sleep walked in all the years we have been married or together. (don't you think I would have noticed this in the last 6 years?).
Ya, so there I am sleeping soundly (as you do when you have had a drink or 4). S had come to bed about an hour or so beforehand. I heard him (barely since of course I was asleep) get up and go the bathroom. Then I heard a huge ! I bolted up in bed and yelled out "S? S, Are you okay?" no answer. So I yell it again, this time starting to get a little worried. no answer. I jump out of bed and start down the hallway "S!S! Answer ME! S!!" Finally, I hear a moan coming from the study.
As I open the door, there on the floor is S, sprawled out, blood gushing from his mouth and his chair turned over. At this point all I see is the blood and start freaking out. WTH was he doing in the study? Why didn't he just come back to bed after peeing? I rush him into the hall bath and yell at him to rinse out his mouth, which he completely ignores (or just doesn't hear since he, again, is piss ass drunk). Finally he hears me and gets his mouth rinsed out. Turns out he has a gaping wound that runs from his right lip line to the inside of his right cheek. Only S!! Actually I think this is more my style since I tend to be the klutz, but I digress.
I get his back in bed, which let me tell you is a feat when you are dealing with 200 lbs of nearly dead weight. I find him and ice pack, a wet rag to bite on and a pillow to prop his head. Jeesh! What a night! From that point on I got little to no sleep as I was a) afraid he would try to get up and pee and fall again and b) he was snoring so loud I had to keep turning him over. Just an FYI the man only snores because of 2 things: 1. He is sick 2. He is PLOWED!
He still maintains he was sleepwalking because as he argues, why would he go into the study? It's also the story he told work... and then was sent home since he was in such pain.
Um... Sleep walker? I think NOT!

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