Friday, June 27, 2008

Did someone say fire?

So we had what we all thought was a fire drill in my building this morning. Oh the joy! It wasn't too bad at first. I grabbed my purse, walked out of the office, down the stairs and across the street to wait with my coworkers. For some reason Dr M decided to wait it out in his office for a while- call me crazy, but when you aren't sure if it is a drill or not, isn't it safer to err on the side of caution? I guess he wanted to "go down with the ship" or something, who know? Anyway, as we stand there (trying to look on the bright side of getting none of the much needed work done- at least it was 80 degrees and not raining?) we notice that the surgery center (outpatient) is evacuating its patients. Hmm... not done during a normal drill. That's when things took a turn for the worst...
Okay not really. It turns out there was some smoke coming from the electrical room in the basement and it set off the alarm. We had to stay out of the building for about an hour, but no damage was done.
The plus side is, I got all my work done despite the interruption.
The downside? I didn't get to see even ONE cute fireman doing his job! Pooh!
(I secretly wish S was a fireman... okay, I secretly wish S was a lot of professions, like this one, that he isn't... I just have a really active fantasy life going in my head at all times... he knows this and is okay with it...mostly)
So when asked what I did today, I told him I was a survivor. Hey, if the shoe fits... right?

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