Monday, June 23, 2008

The weekend

So it's Monday... we had a pretty fun weekend. S and I cleaned our house and ran some errands on Saturday. We missed out on the incredible 90 degree weather, but managed to also miss the crazy thunderstorms that rolled through in the evening. I looked outside at one point and thought one of our trees in the back was going to snap in half!! It was a little frightening to let Kino out in that, but he was able to do his b'ness in record time! LOL! I don't think he wanted to stay out there any longer than absolutley necessary either.
Sunday we went to a BBQ for S dad's birthday. Good food, nice day, fun times... crazy grandmas... what more could you ask for?
So now it's Monday and we are back the grind. Why does it always seem like Mondays will NEVER end? Ugh! I already wish it was Friday!

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