Monday, June 30, 2008

What a weekend

So this past weekend I took a short road trip to see my mom and sis. We both drove about half way. My sis had a weekend job helping out a friend of ours with her photog business- she was taking shots of a softball tournament. It would have been an awesome trip except it was lacking a few key elements:
1- a bed. For some reason said friend thought that a room with only 1 (count it with me, uno!) full size bed would suffice 4 people. Oh and we are talking Motel 6 here people, not the Hilton. Instead friend and sis slept in the room (friend on the bed and sis on the floor) and mom and I improvised (read spent a large wad at Wally Marty World) and slept on an air mattress in the back of her car. I guess at least we found out a full size air mattress will fit back there in case she ever needs to do that again? Oh and a shout out to the nice cashier at Wally Marty World for giving us 10% off one of our new sleeping bags because the packaging was broken! Lol~ I love it!
2- a shower. Mom and I are pretty early risers by nature so when we woke up Saturday morning at 6:30 we decided we would head on down the road for a MUCH needed 'bucks coffee (in case you didn't know this already- I HEART STARBUCKS! It's not enough that I grew up in Sea-town so am therefore an addict by default, but I also spent 3 wonderful college years working there- Starbucks + me = blissfully happy) Well, instead of calling us to let us know they too had gotten up early and were leaving for the tournament, we got back to the hotel to find them gone. Thankfully we had a key as mom's cell was inside being charged and only she had friend's number. Sister didn't have her phone on. When we finally did get ahold of them, we found out we needed to leave ASAP- hence no shower. Put your hair in a nasty, greasy ponytail, dab on a bit of makeup and go.
3- not working. I get paid to work at my job M-F 8-5. I do this because a) I need the money and b) they value my time enough to PAY me for it. Unfortunately this weekend instead of it being a nice fellowship time with mom, we were ALL put to work for the photog friend. Instead of lounging around with mom, we got to sit under a hot tent, in the hot shade, waiting for parents to drop by and buy pics of their kids playing softball. Can I just say, UGH! I specifically found a job where I would NOT have to work on a weekend. I like it that way. It makes me happy. Working on a Saturday (and NOT getting paid for it) does not make me happy. And really what else matters in the world beyond my happiness? I mean, really?

Okay so enough complaining. It really was great to see my mom and sis. I hadn't seen them since February. And since sis leaves for China (Olympics the lucky duck) in a few weeks I knew I needed to go. I didn't even mind the driving, although driving 4 1/2 hours on Friday to then turn around and drive it again on Saturday is a little much. I took it in stride though. Miranda Lambert kept me company and I have decided this is my new favorite song. I sang it until I was hoarse (that's just how I roll on road trips by myself).

Sunday was spent going to one of my favorite stores as I do just about every Sunday with BFF and then wasting away watching the Euro cup soccer finals and grocery shopping at Wally Marty World (which I hate to do). Had myself a couple of brewskies too, just for good measure.

On the TTC front our BD fest is in full swing. I think O should be this weekend of next week (if I have a normal cycle this time) Let's hope we catch that eggie this time ;-)

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