Thursday, June 26, 2008

Books (and a few random other things)

I'm an avid reader. At any given time I am reading at LEAST one book, if not two, three or more. I can't get enough of the written word. And my selections are all over the place- Fiction/ non-fiction, political, historical, biographical, fanatical, romantical (okay I don't think that last couple are real words), you get the idea. I just LOVE to read.
Right now, I am in the middle of a series by Beverly Lewis- Abram's Daughters- book #3 called The Sacrifice-It's excellent! It's about the daughters of Abram (go figure) who are from an Amish community. I really am enjoying each one :)
I'm also reading Interview with a Vampire (Anne Rice) but I'm not sure I will go on with the series, much to S's dismay (since he LOVES anything and everything Anne Rice is involoved in). I just can't really get into it... and I am almost done with it. I guess vampires just aren't my thing, but I did give it a good college try.
I'm also re-reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's been, what, 10 months now and still no BFP, so I figure another round of information from Toni Weschler might not hurt. Besides, I probably missed a couple things the first couple times I read it... right? hmmm...

On a side note, AF has FINALLY left for good (or at least for good for this cycle) and we are now in the first of many waiting games... waiting to O. Hopefully it isn't nearly as long as last cycle (seeing as I never actually got to O, even after 72 days!) Can't I please just have ONE normal 28 day cycle?? Jeesh! So we are in full swing of the BD fest (my favorite part) and I am praying that I at least O this time around.

On a second side note, I am really optimistic for all my fellow TTC gals! :) God has really been moving (BFP style) on my board these last couple of weeks and I love it when there is a bunch at one time. Makes me feel like my prayers are really doing some good (okay, I know my prayers are ALWAYS doing good, but it's nice when what I want for all my TTC girls is also what God has in mind too!)

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Anonymous said...

If you're looking for some interesting books, try Overachievers and Pledged by Alexandra Robbins! They are really good! (I just finished Overachievers today!)