Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our trip in pictures

I kept out the ones from Easter for another post, since B was so darn cute hunting for eggs, but thought I'd share our travels! Hope you enjoy. Oh and be warned, there are a lot ;-)

All packed and ready to go

Enjoying a quick treat at 'bucks before heading out on the road
Enjoying a meal at one of our favorite places: Acropolis!

Papa trying to steal a bite!
She thinks sticking her fingers up her nose is funny- her uncles' laughter didn't help matters

A trip to 'bucks with Yuko (she was a Japanese exchange student with my parents a few years ago- she loves my family so much that she comes back and visits from time to time- We LOVE her!! [oh and she just got done working at Disney World for the last 13 mos... JEALOUS!])

Lunch with Uncle Jeremy- we brought him Ezell's!

'bucks again- this time with Gigi! (She's my mom's mom)

Checking out the live crabs at the market- she was fascinated

She LOVES her reflection and the massive amounts of mirrors at David's Bridal made for great fun!

She also kept kissing herself in the mirrors

She loves my parent's dog Georgia and even says her name now! I guess Kino is chopped liver...

Sneaking Easter candy from her basket- this was funny because we have found she LOVES jelly beans- she even scavenged everyone's easter baskets for them.

View from the beach house

Feeding Papa

Enjoying some bubble gum ice cream in Ocean Shores

Just us

Saying "bye bye" to the beach house

Having a yummy dinner at OSF with (soon-to-be) Auntie Alicia

Brynna and Nana

Okay I think that about covers it ;-)

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