Monday, May 11, 2009

Whew! I'm glad that's over

We had Batman's birthday "party" this weekend and boy was it CRAZY!

2 of our favorite and very best friends came into town from San Diego, plus a number of friends in the area came and Batman's middle brother and his dad. They all went paintballing on Saturday afternoon, which apparently is a lot of fun? As I sat counting all the bruises on Batman's body I kind of wondered exactly what their definition of "fun" was? Doesn't seem like a good time to me.

Saturday night we spent around the fire pit drinking and eating (only eating for me) and reminiscing. It was really fun (and funny) and I wish the night could have gone on longer (as it was I went to bed around 1- which is pretty late for this preggo and everyone else was in bed by 3). My FIL got silly drunk which is always hilarious (he gets the giggles) and Batman started telling all sorts of embarrassing stories (which is almost ALWAYS the case when he gets in a group and is sloshed).

It was so great to see all those people that know and love Batman :) I just wish a few of them lived closer so we could see them more often! One friend in particular- we'll call him George- has been friends with Batman since college and is probably one of my favorite friends of his. I know he probably won't ever move back here (he is originally from these parts) but it sure would be nice.
Another friend that was there- we'll call him Henry- is getting married this summer :) I'm pretty excited for him, even though I have never met the girl. Batman approves (but George is kind of on the fence- he's not too sure she's good for Henry- but Henry loves her and she loves him so I guess that's what matters) I'm pretty upset that I won't be able to go to the wedding since it's at the end of September (aka- I will be HUGE and past the 36 wk mark so no flying/ traveling). I was really looking forward to it and Batman is the best man... I guess he'll just have to make sure he gets lots of pictures, right?

Mother's Day was uneventful (since, as Batman puts it "You aren't my mother") and we didn't really do anything- just shuttled people back and forth from the airport and cleaned up the disaster we call our house.

Overall, it was a nice weekend, but I kind of wish I had another day off to recover ;-)


Ash said...

That sounds SO nice! I am with you on wishing nights like that wouldn't end:)

Also do not understand the appeal of paintball but the hubby adores it as well. I think it's a "guy" thing;)

Sorry you will miss the wedding but just think how close you will be to having little Olive:)

Rikki said...

My husband loves paintball too! I think he is crazy being shot with balls full of paint that leave brusie is not my kind of fun. But whatever.

I hope Batman changes his tune about Mothers Day. You might not be his mother but you are the mother of his child and that deserves some reconigation if you ask me.

Melissa said...

I've always wanted to try Paintball but I never have. Sounds like fun! I'm glad your husband's birthday went well; it's always nice to gather with people who you don't see all too often.

Anonymous said...

Batman better change his opinion on Mother's Day! I expect you to be showered with gifts and flowers this time next year. :)

I'm glad the party was fun!

Carbon said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

We are mothers in spirit already, and we deserve the recognition. So, I thought I'd pass some along. :)

When do you get your ultrasound? I can't wait to hear all about it!

Chelle said...

The party sounds like loads of fun!!

I've never tried paintball, but hear that it is a blast!