Monday, April 11, 2011

17 months

Okay I'm finally sitting down to write a quick update about B since she turned 17 months...oh, 2 and a half weeks ago. She's doing splendidly these days. Not much changed with her between 16 and 17 months though, so here are things in bullets.

  • She's the same size in dipes, shoes and clothes.

  • Still walking (obviously) and getting into everything.

  • She hasn't really added any more words to her vocabulary yet, which is beginning to really worry me. She's a smart cookie though and follows directions (well, most of the time) and understands anything you say. Just the other day at church, her Sunday school teacher was telling me how smart she thinks she is. I guess she had told them the story of Noah's Ark and B pointed out each of the animals perfectly! I guess all that reading is paying off in some ways ;-)

  • She LOVES coloring still. We've had to start making a rule of only coloring at the table since a few weeks ago she thought it would be good to color our walls. I guess she felt they needed to be a little different color.

  • We found her some crayons that color in the tub and she LOVES them. I think they are almost used up already. Shower time is now color time too LOL (this may make the rule of coloring at the table backfire huh?).

  • She loves carrying around her stuffed animals and dolls. It's the cutest thing, especially at my IL because they have this little stroller that she will stack them in and push them around.

  • She likes stacking blocks and doing her puzzles. She's gotten to wear she can put her pieces back in the correct spot everytime. I may have to get her some new puzzles!

  • As I've said in previous posts, we've been getting out to the park more and more as the weather gets nicer and she's become quite the daredevil, which of course makes this mama always on edge ;-) She's mastered the slide and now will go down on her own no problem!

  • I think it was this month that we discovered Whole.Soy yogurt? Well, she LOVES it! I think this kid could eat it at every meal, I kid you not! She loves it so much, she wears it:

(and for those of your wondering... yes, I did make her a Horde bib in honor of Batman's WOW addiction)

  • I think it was this month, too that she started giving actual "kisses." It's also very cute because you ask her for a kiss and she will come at you with kissy lips. And now that Batman's gone, when we skype she insists on kissing the camera to "kiss him ni-night." So adorable!

  • We discovered the silly song games on the ses.ame. street. website too. She loves "typing" on the keyboard so this has been fun to play with her since it encourages "typing" ha!

Okay, that's all I can think of...

If you are interested in seeing how my weight loss and healthy eating is going, click over here... I had a good scale day yesterday!


Anne said...

I don't think her lack of vocab is anything to worry about. I think she's fine as long as she understands you, knows some words and communicates. I heard that it's between 18-24 months that vocab usually explodes, so I won't be surprised if that's where she'll be. Keane is the same, babbles, says a few words, uses sign language and follows/understands direction. I'm sure she's just fine. :)

Morgan Owens said...

She is getting so big and her hair is getting so long, she is adorable T! :)
I wouldn't worry about the vocab either, every child is different and even though she may not talk as much as some her age, doesn't mean she isn't smarter! :) Garrett, my little cousin, is about to be 4 and VERY rarely try not to worry momma!

someday-soon said...

Awww, real kisses =) So cute!!! Nice job on the weight loss too.