Friday, April 8, 2011

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The weather here has been downright COLD this week, which means B and I have remained indoors. We did get out to the park 1 day, but only for like 15 min before the rain made it no fun. The highlight of our week was a grocery run on Wednesday... good times! It sucks being stuck indoors and honestly gets downright boring! I need some fun inside things to do! Anyone have any ideas? Games you play with your toddlers? I'm going out of my mind crazy these days and I'm tired of trying to come up with things! HELP!


Melissa said...

Some things I do with my toddler indoors: play-doh, coloring, finger paints, play baths, reading, baking, DVDs, toddler board games and building blocks. I don't know about Brynna, but my 2-year-old loves to feel "helpful" so I give her a feather duster and she'll dust everything she can reach in the house. That'll keep her busy for a good 40 minutes. Also, look for some indoor playgrounds (oftentimes found in shopping malls) as well as nearby museums.

Those are just some suggestions, although I'm sure you've exhausted most of those options already. It sucks being stuck indoors with a toddler! Hopefully the weather warms up soon.

Mamma Bug said...

We have a Y membership so we go swimming if I have the energy. If not, we read books, stack blocks, she plays on her rocking horse, we bounce a ball around the house, she plays with magnets on the fridge, she plays with the Nintendo DS. She loves having a wet hand towel to wipe over everything in the house.