Friday, April 15, 2011

My brothers are coming, my brothers are coming

In my head that sounded like Paul Revere's ride, but somehow it just doesn't equate electronically.

Anyway, yes both my brothers are coming into town today! I'm excited to see them! We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving and I miss them a lot! And they are both coming!

See, my older brother does this for a living. Well, more specifically he directs all the summer camp programs for the church we all grew up in, including the regional camp grounds. And because of this, NNU has hired him to bring this to campus for their regional teen activity days (basically it's laser tag on crack). My little brother works for him over the summers and breaks.

So since they are coming they are going to take B, me and Kino home with them on Sunday and then bring us back in a couple weeks! :) I'm so excited to see my family and meet my SIL to be and meet up with some of my friends from HS that will also be in town (She was one of my besties in HS... and come to find out she also married a military guy [navy] and he's on cruise until Oct. Who'd a thunk?). We have so much fun stuff planned for while we are there! I can't wait!

Now if we can just make it the afternoon without going crazy with excitement, we should be okay ;-)

PS- Thanks Katie for the input :) I think we may look at doing something similar in the fall. We only had 4 returners come and 4 new people, and even though I will probably take everyone (and only because I would even if there were a dozen more- they are all good) I think I want a slightly bigger team than just 8. ;-)


Melissa said...

Enjoy your visit with the family!

someday-soon said...

Woo-hoo! Have a wonderful time with your brothers =)