Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Movie review

If you have ever been on the fence about eating meat, or otherwise healthy/ unhealthy foods, go see Food, Inc. Heck even the trailer will probably change some minds. All I can say is WOW! Meat doesn't really come into our house very often, but now? Now it will be even less... if EVER! The way these big companies handle our food these days is pretty sickening. And the way they treat the farmers that actually GROW the food we eat is almost as bad.

If you have seen it, what did you think?


Kickin' Kari said...

I've seen Fast Food nation and that movie made me completely against Fast Food...I have a hard time eating red meat most of the time and have several times almost gone vegetarian all together. Ugh...if only a steak wouldn't look so good every now and then....
I'll have to see this one so that way I can FINALLY make the leap to a world of bliss in VeggieLand

Carbon said...

I haven't seen it but I intend to. DH and I did recently watch King Corn, which was also sickening when it came to the section on feedlots (where most of our corn goes).

I could probably go veggie but DH is an ABSOLUTE carnivore. To make amends I'm buying the majority of our meat at the Farmer's Market or local organic store. Local grass-fed beef and free range chicken FTW!