Wednesday, August 19, 2009

32 weeks

So here I am at 32 wks. My EDD is getting closer and closer, frighteningly so. You know, I just realized the other day that the hospital is going to want me to take Olive home. And actually try not to kill her. Scary!

Here's the blooming belly:
32 wk belly
as huge as ever.
Especially according any random stranger that I come into contact with (I've been getting the normal "Wow you are huge!" comments and the "You look like you are about to pop" is another favorite) Why do people have to be so mean? And stupid?

Anyway, BP was good 110/72, weight gain was only a few pounds but it puts me at 30 overall so far. Ugh! He thinks I'm still in the normal range, even if I am closer to the high end of normal. I passed the GD test no problem, but my iron is a little on the low side (still in normal range though). I told him I'd just eat more spinach. Batman is going to help me integrate it into EVERY meal from here on out ;-)
Olive's h/b was good and "very active" which I could have told him since she has been pummeling my kidney and ribs over the last couple of weeks. (Oh she's head down, did I tell you that already?)

So even though my weight is still considered normal, you know what he said? That he'd like me to exercise more (meaning exercise period since all I do is walk... and that's only sporadically). So swimming it is. My IL have a pool so from here on out I'm going to try and make it over there 2-3 times a week and swim laps or tread water.

I'm now going every 2 weeks so next appt is Sept 2. Scary! The end is in sight ;-)


Fine For Now said...

I know I have thoughtlessly said those comments before to people and would just like to die now of embarrassment at the thought of saying that! UGH!

Maybe swimming will be relaxing :)

Anonymous said...

Well I think you look WONDERFUL! And I can't believe Olive will be here so soon. :)

Rikki said...

You look beautiful, as always! I think I've said this before but I am so excited to "meet" Olive, I know she is going to be gorgeous.

I always enjoyed the pool when I was pregnant, it relieved a lot of the weight I was carrying around.

Christina said...

I think you look great. I swear if one more person says I'm huge or that they can't believe I'm due in November I'm just going to cry so that it makes them feel bad! :)

Coco said...

It may be just me, but you really don't look that big! Def. not "ready to pop" big!

Melissa said...

You look TERRIFIC! Don't worry about the weight gain; you're absolutely normal and it will come off in no time. And yeah, people can be real dumbasses with those "Wow, you're huge!" comments.

I cannot believe you're 32 weeks already (I think that was the point in my pregnancy in which the daily freak-outs began, lol). It does go by quickly from here on out, so get those last-minute preparations done ASAP.

I had to LMAO when I read your comment about having to take the baby home and actually not kill her. That is EXACTLY how I felt. I didn't know the first thing about babies and every day home with her was so stressful in the beginning. My goal was to keep her alive, haha.

In no time at all, you'll be a pro. But yeah, leaving the hospital with a new baby was the scariest moment ever. Gosh, people need a license to drive and to get married, but there's no prequalification process for parenting. Sheesh! I had zero training, I was clueless about everything, and yet the hospital was sending me off with this tiny helpless person.

I think we've all felt that fear! :)

Kitty said...

Hey Chica,
I think you look GREAT! We're about arm in arm these days. I'v gained a little more than you, closer to 35lbs, (still can't believe it) but that's with exercise and my docs seem fine with it. I haven't had too many people say the "obscure belly comments" but boy when they do I about what to pop. My SIL kept saying ""look at your big belly" and I finally said "well that's what happens when you get to 7 months!" she's not said it again. :) Most people are really nice with what they say....thank goodness bc i really don't like the other comments.

Anyway, your post was cute! You and batman will do great with Olive. And we'll be able to help eachother out wtih Olive and Baby V. :) Can't wait for both of their arrivals! Have a great night!
:) Kitty
PS- and thank goodness for Tums! :)

Ella said...

Your belly is so beautiful! You're in the home stretch!!!

Oh - and swimming is AMAZING. I've loved swimming recently. It feels so good.

The Captain's Wife said...

wow..i can not believe you have only approx 8 weeks remaining...time flies when you are growing a baby!
you look fantastic! and appear (from your photos) to feel fantastic~ Can't wait to see BMW..and see if my guess of the first and middle are correct....

Jen said...

Yeah people can say some pretty stupid things. I however think you look great!

I can't believe you get to bring Olive home in just a few weeks. You will do fine, I have faith in you.

Carbon said...

You look so cute. I hope in these last weeks we can take a few moments to enjoy being pregnant, it won't be long! I'm trying to roll with it and enjoy whatever attention comes my way, before long the attention will ALL be focused on the LO.

My next appt is September 2nd too!