Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yep, it's been THAT long since I updated... YIKES!!

We really had a fun Halloween. B was the CUTEST cow! We took her to Batman's old office for a quick trick or treat in the morning, then we went and had a fun morning at the library! They had lots of songs and dancing, plus some "special" trick or treating :) Brynna got to take home some candy, chocolate milk (which I broke down and let her drink... no adverse effects thank goodness) and even a BOOK! She was so excited to get to pick one all by herself to take home :) After naps and errands, we went over to my IL for dinner and real trick or treating!

Brynna's cousins Roenan and Phoenix, joined in the fun (although Phoenix stayed in the house with Grandpa and Grandma while the rest of us braved th cold and went door to door).

Here are the few blurry pics I managed to take with my phone (the good ones are still on my IL camera... do you see why we need to invest in a good camera of our own?):


Christina said...

She is the cutest little cow!! I love the costume!

Melissa said...

Cutest cow I've ever seen! I'm glad Brynna enjoyed her Halloween. Love the pics!

someday-soon said...

She was a beautiful moo =) Love the pic of her with the pigtails sitting with her legs folded back like only kids can!