Saturday, September 29, 2012

And then the flu hit our house

My parents have been helping me all week which has been awesome!

Then Thursday Brynna came down with the flu bug. Poor kiddo has never been sick like this and had no ideas what was going on :( by the afternoon though she seemed on the mend. All day Friday she felt great.
Then batman called me Friday afternoon to tell me he was puling at work. The man hasn't puked in 10year's so I knew it was serious. My dad and I picked him up and got him home.
Then last night I came down with it. It's lovely.
Now that I'm feeling almost normal again, Brynna has come down with it again.
Fun days ahead in our house. I can only hope Trey doesn't come down with it. So far so good.

Shoot me now.


Kitty said...

Hope it skips Trey and hope you and B get better soon!

someday-soon said...

I hope the 24 hour variety is all you guys get and tomorrow you're all on the mend!

Lauren said...

Oh yuck, you poor things!

Alley said...

Ugh... hope everyone starts feeling better soon and Trey misses it!

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