Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quiet weekend

Yep, still here and pregnant ;) sorry I haven't gotten a 40 week update out yet. I haven't been able to get batman to take a pic, but hopefully tonight :)

We had s pretty low key weekend. B and I spent Friday afternoon with my mil and her friend at Art in the Park which is annual thing for us. Lots of vendors with great handmade stuff :) all a bit overpriced of course, but it was a fun 3 hours of walking and enjoying the weather :)

Saturday b and I laid low after swim lessons (batman had drill all weekend). We played at home, watched lots of football and kept our feet up.

Sunday we went out to the base for family day! We look forward to it every year and it didn't disappoint :) good food, lots of free goodies, bounce houses (even if they were in the fuel barn), it was a blast :) too bad it's only once a year lol

Yesterday was a down day and we almost always have a lazy day since batman worked the weekend. Yesterday was no exception. We played outside, watched movies and snuggled, played games and spent time just the 3 of us. I have a feeling it was our last really good "just the 3 of us" time.

Our appt is tomorrow at 1 with an u/s and nst. Wish us luck that little man is ready to come out ;)


someday-soon said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm impressed you still feel like walking around for 3 hours =)

Kitty said...

Your time together sounded special over the weekend. Keep us posted on your aptmt tomorrow. You're so close. Hard to believe it's gone so fast this time around. :)

Lauren said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!