Wednesday, September 12, 2012

D day is looming

All looked good at our u/s, Nst and appt. Little man seems to be content to stay a whole longer so we've given him an eviction notice!

If he doesn't come tomorrow on his own, he's being kicked out in Friday! :) While I'm not too keen on induction, it's time and we are anxious to meet this little guy. Plus my doc is in and out all next week, so it makes sense to do it when we know he's available.

I don't think I'm nervous... Yet. Just excited to get on with the next stage of this journey :)


Ashley said...

I hope he comes on his own, but if not I hope you have a fabulous induction. Either way you get to meet him SO soon!

Lauren said...

Hopefully he comes on his own before tomorrow! But I totally get not really caring anymore by the end of your pregnancy. I am so against induction, but I'm reaching the point that I don't give a crap anymore, and I still have close to 4 weeks until my due date.

A Wife and a Teacher said...

Yeah! Praying for a safe delivery!

someday-soon said...

Come on little man!!! Good luck tomorrow =)