Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vent :-/

I'm so ready to be done! Can't this kid come out already!? Sorry to be a complainer but this go 'round I'm in pain and impatient and tired of waiting and just D. O. N. E.

Yesterday I tried anything I could think of (barring castor oil... Won't go that far) and I got a good couple hours of cx- post nipple stimulation and sex-that I thought were doing something, but they petered out by bedtime :( I tried ginger tea (per my grandma) red raspberry leaf tea, the above including a pretty good *ahem* O ;) spicy food, walking, the list goes on. And nothing. :( I'm tired of being pregnant and I want to meet this little guy already!!!

Can I get some labor vibes or prayers?


Kitty said...

I have a special eggplant parm recipe known for bringing babies in 48hrs or if you're eating in their resturant they give you a refund. Worked for me. I ate it at 40wks - 2 days and V came 50some hours later. :) Let me know if you want it! :) Labor intensive to make but super yummy and worked for us!

Lauren said...

I hear you. I really do.

Ashley said...

I SO feel you!!! I actually did end up going the castor oil route this time. It is recommended by midwives here (although first after due date) and I did a super small dose 1 tbsp (in capsule form so it didn't taste gross). I just refused to have a big baby again and knew that was where it was all heading. At 39 weeks and 3 days I took 12 castor oil capsules (equivalent to 1 tablespoon) in the evening at 10pm. At 2am I started having diarrhea - not too bad but enough to give me cramps (which was the point). During the night I was able to sleep but did feel uncomfortable and had to go to the bathroom about 4 times. By the end it was definitely a bit sensitive down there (although I did not get hemmroids etc- it was more like having a case of the flu).

Then at 6 am the stomach issues were pretty much over and contractions started. The contractions were irregular and super easy for me to deal with, in fact I was pretty sure that labor wasn't actually starting! However we decided to head to the hospital at 1pm and I learned I was already at 8cm. I had my baby at 3:45pm (only 8.9 pounds!!! -would definitely have ended up as big if I had waited as length was the same) without meds and overall it was a GREAT birth!!! I had no issues with the diarrhea,etc once labor started and if we have a third I would definitely use castor oil again.

So I absolutely understand not doing castor oil- if you don't have a reason to do it is probably always best to just wait it out but if you do end up getting desperate just know that you could also have a good experience with it:)

I also tried absolutely everything else before to try and get things going as well but none of it worked- although I am sure some things like the RRL tea, and the EPO helped to make the birth smoother.

I hope baby comes soon for you!!!

someday-soon said...

Ok little's time to come meet your family!!!

Fine For Now said...

I did castor oil and I do recommend it! It tastes really really awful but it does start contractions!!! I only had a small irregular poop (not even diarrhea) with 1 tbs and had contractions within 4 hours :) However, for me the contractions did not jump start active labor, but I think it can and does work for someone who is on the verge of labor anyway :)

Andrea said...

When's your next appointment? Have your doctor strip your membranes. That's what I did the second go around. Membrane sweep at 11 am, sex around 2 pm, contractions started at 4 and baby in my arms by 10 pm!

Pineapple and long walks got my labor going with Eli.

I feel for ya girl! With Gabriella I was SO READY to be done! He's gotta come out sooner or later, right? :)

Melissa said...

You sound exactly like I did when I was pregnant with my third. I was so miserable in those final weeks and I was doing everything to evict him. I understand that feeling of wanting to be DONE. ((Hugs)) You are *so close* to the end and hopefully you will be meeting your little man SOON. Sending lots of labor vibes your way. I'll be stalking your blog for updates.

Christina said...

Eggplant, I did it and it worked, a little too early though! I wasn't even 37 weeks when Annabel was born.

Good luck, hope he comes soon!

The Captain's Wife said...

he'll come when he is ready :).