Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it safe?

Since starting this whole foods plant based lifestyle, Batman and I have changed from artificial sweeteners to natural sweeteners like raw sugar, honey, etc. One of Batman's coworkers suggested we get some stevia as it has the same (ish) flavor as sweet.n.low and comes from a plant (the stevia plant- go figure). (If you try it- just make sure you don't add too much to whatever you are sweetening... a little goes a VERY LONG WAY)

We've been using this for a while now and I wondered recently whether it was a safe thing to have during pregnancy. I'm not sure what prompted this thought, but since I am paranoid about a lot of things that I put in mouth (probably more than I should... oh and get your mind out of the gutter!) I decided to consult the all-knowing Dr Google on the subject.

Apparently asking if stevia is okay during pregnancy is like asking if it's okay to eat oregano... or rosemary, or dill, or any other number of herbs and spices. Chalk another one up to my blonde roots I guess.


Carbon said...

Sweet! ;) I grow Stevia at home. Though I haven't had much success turning leaves into sweetener.

Most of the "concerns" surrounding Stevia's safety come from the artificial sweetener industry which has continually lobbied the FDA against approving it as a sweetener. So, it is sold as a supplement instead.

It has been widely used in Japan for ages.

I hope the snow has passed you by!

Kari said...

I found myself questioning EVERYTHING when i was pregnant. No worries. :)

Chelle said...

Well, you just never know! I am afraid to eat/drink anything!!

Batman said...

I've been afraid of eating anything with the slight tint of green lately. I mean really... the Incredible Hulk is green and so is the Jolly Green Giant! You wouldn't want a little baby to turn out to be 20 feet tall, ripped muscles, and have a "Ho-Ho-Ho" vocabulary. Then again... I'm really afraid of the Easter Bunny too - I'm also apart of the Chicken Union and we hate when stupid rabbits steal our eggs!

Kitty said...

At this time I'd stick to sugar. I'd read about Stevia and Agave Nectar but decided not to try them while pregnant. But it's up to you. There are so many No's and don't do's while pregnant you had to have to ponder everything. I'm sure things in moderation are ok but since it's so new to the market you might want to hold off until after Olive arrives.
Just a thought.

Shannon said...

Here are some links I found that were sorta helpful when I was looking into. Hope it helps. You might wanna ask at your local health food store. :)



Rikki said...

I swear I think I researched just about everything I put in or on my body. I was a freak I admit it.

Parenthood For Me said...

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Teresa said...

I asked if it was ok to use my inhaler when I was having an asthma attack. My doctor was like, "Teresa you either take your inhaler and breathe or don't take it and don't breathe...what do you think is better?" I felt like a blonde moron, but it's scary as hell growing babies!

Charlotte Heaven said...

new blog...new "identity" I'll be posting on here soon.

Kelly C. said...

I know what you mean!! I am not sure about Stevia.. I didn't use any artificial sweeteners when I was pregnant or anything herbal that I didn't KNOW without a doubt was safe.. but I am super paranoid about everything! :)