Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

My baby girl is 1 today! Where did the time go?

It seems like just yesterday, Batman and I were nervously entering the hospital, anxiously awaiting what the day would bring. Instead it was a year ago.

My sweet girl is no longer this darling snugglebug.

She's officially a moving and grooving toddler. With less and less time for snuggling with mom, but more personality every day.

I'm kind of a bundle of emotions today. On one hand, I'm so in love with my girl more and more each day and I have been waiting to celebrate this milestone with her! I'm excited to see her turn one! I love the stage she is at, discovering new things, moving all over, driving Batman and I to giggly tears with her antics.

But I miss the sweet baby that I used to just sit and watch sleep. I miss snuggling with her for hours at a time, just being content.

These days I'm lucky if I get more than 2 minutes of snuggle time, unless it's right before bed and even then it's maybe 5 minutes.

Why, oh why does time move so quickly? I just want to hold on to these precious moments with her before they are gone!

Batman and I are so blessed to have this little girl in our lives. She is SO loved it's ridiculous!

I'll post her stats and 12 month update sometime tomorrow or this weekend. Her party is Saturday and of course we will have lots of pics from that too ;-)

Happy Birthday baby girl! Mommy loves you SOOOOOOO much!!


someday-soon said...

Happy birthday to your precious little girl! She is adorable. I can imagine the mixed emotions this day brings {{{HUGS}}}

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!!

The time does go so fast. This next year is going to be so much fun. It just keeps getting better. I hope she has a great party!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Ella said...

Yay! Happy Birthday B!! I sooo know what you mean, you are right about time moving too quickly. :( But it is fun to watch them learn and grow, too...! :)

Melissa said...

Happy 1st birthday! Time does go by too quickly - but you should be so proud of the beautiful and amazing little girl she has become.