Friday, May 25, 2012

Starting to get frustrated

The search for the perfect name for little man continues... Endlessly it seems.

We have a short list, but nothing either of us really likes. And of course we can't agree on anything we both like.

I know we do have time, but right now it feels like our kids going to be nameless. :-/


Lauren said...

You will come up with something. And whatever you chose, even if it doesn't feel like the PERFECT name right now, after you name your baby that it wll become the perfect name.

Or at least that's what everyone tells me. Noah was my FAVOURITE name. It felt so right and so perfect for our family. I don't have that feeling about any other name (but of course there are names we like more than others), so I feel like I'll be giving this baby a "second best" name. And that makes me feel bad.

That being said, we have been up and down this name road so many times, and I am 98% sure we have his name nailed down. There's just nothing else out there that we both feel is good enough. I think I'm just going to stop looking.

(Girl, you need to take the character verification off... it took me 4 tries to be able to post this comment!! And trust me, you will rarely ever get a spam comment.)

The Captain's Wife said...

Write to this lady:

We received some great suggestions when I wrote to her. Include as much info as possible. Go back and read what I wrote , and how much detail I included...

I can't agree more....get rid of the word verification.

Candi said...

My DH and I are having the same issue. We are expecting a boy this summer and it has been a struggle to find a boys name that we are totally in love with. We have a short list of names and have decided to wait to officially name him until he's here. Once we see him, we'll know what his name is truly supposed to be!

someday-soon said...

Ugh, that's a tough one. Hope you and batman come up with a couple you love!

Melissa said...

Our son was nameless until he was several hours old. ;-)

Anonymous said...

best wishea with the naming.