Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No change

That's what my doc said this morning at my appt. No change from 1 cm. I guess this girl really IS as stubborn as her mom and dad (I was 6wks late... and YES that is accurate- when my mom found out she was preggo with me, had the dates been off she wouldn't have been preggo at the time- Batman was 2wks late)
I'm not really concerned, as I've maintained all along that she will be a late arriver ;-) Plus we still have lots of stuff to get done.

The nursery is thisclose to being finished. Just a couple more finishing touches and we will be done!! (Hopefully, this evening)


Melissa said...

Any day now! ;-)

Katie said...

6 weeks?!? Wow! Funny how doctors would never let that happen nowadays....but I'm sure you were just fine! :-)

Still can't wait to see the nursery!!!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I'm sorry Tiff :) I know you want Olive to get the show on the road and make her debut.

I cannot wait to see her pics and hear her name!!!

Rikki said...

6 weeks late, that is crazy! I'd have been miserable if I were your mom, lol.

I am so excited to "meet" Olive.

Jen said...

Can't wait to see your little girl! I bet you can't either!!

Anonymous said...

Come on, Olive! Doesn't she know everyone's anxious to meet her? :) Can't wait to see the finished nursery!

karmapearl said...

** Labor Vibes ** !!!

And wow... 6 weeks late. I do not envy your mama!!! :)

Kitty said...

Hey T- I'm about the same as you but my only progress is in effacement, not dialation. I've not changed in a few weeks either. Hopefully both V and Olive will arrive within the 1 week late timeframe and no longer than that.
:) Kitty